Pattern Mod | Belltown Bottoms - Encased Elastic Modification

Our latest pdf sewing pattern the Belltown Bottoms features an exposed elastic waistband but in this quick tutorial I'll show you how to modify the pattern so that you can fully encase the elastic waistband. 

Step 1. 

Add the width of the elastic to the top of the pattern pieces (front and back pieces). 

2. With your new pattern pieces cut out the fabric and sew the pant legs and elastic together as directed in the tutorial within the Belltown Bottoms Instruction up to page 9. 

3. Now, instead of following the rest of the tutorial in the instruction you'll do the following:

Insert the elastic into the pants with the elastic's seam at the back seam and the 180 degree mark and the front seam. 

4. Sew with a stretch stitch (or overlocker) the elastic to the inside of the pants gently stretching from back inseam to front inseam. 

5. Fold the elastic inside of the pants. 

6. Sew the elastic all the way around the pant over the stitches you made when you sewed the elastic to the pants the first time. 

7. Done! Super easy!


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