About RCPC

Are you overwhelmed by traditional paper patterns? Do you feel like sewing is just really confusing and there’s too many rules?

Do you just want to have fun sewing? Do you want sewing to be quick and easy?

You’re just like me! I want sewing to be fun and easy, too. 

Welcome to Rain City Pattern Company! 

I want to provide you the tools you need to get sewing. Everything you need to know in one spot! This spot is the file you’ll recieve when you purchase a Rain City PDF sewing pattern. 

You’re going to find clear written instructions that use easy to understand language. Vivid picture tutorials that use fabrics that make it clear to see what you need to do. You’ll also find video tutorials because I know that some of us learn better by watching (I’m raising my hand over here). 

As Rain City is growing we strive to add technology to help make sewing accessible for all which is why in 2020 we introduced a new accessibility feature into our written instructions: Audio Captions

I know that you want to be able to understand how to sew something easily and quickly. I also know that when you sew something you want a good fit without any or barely any adjustments. That’s why all my patterns go through rigorous testing. I want to ensure that when you take your model’s measurements and compare them to the size chart to pick your size then that size is going to fit. This is important because your time is important.

If you’re creative. If you’re willing to try new things. If you’re looking to learn in a fun and easy way, then Rain City Pattern Company is the right choice for you.

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