Q. What is a PDF Sewing Pattern?

A. Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns are digital sewing patterns that you can download and either print at home, print at a store or project onto your fabric.

Once payment has been received you'll receive a download link to the files. It will be emailed to you and it will be safely stored in your Rain City account.

Q. What program do I need to use a Rain City PDF Sewing Pattern?

A. Adobe Reader for Desktop. It is the only program Rain City patterns are supported on and can provide technical support on. This is a free program, just google "Adobe Reader." Please note that the mobile app version doesn't support printing as of June 2021. 

Q. Are the files unlocked? Can I open them and edit them?

Files are locked. You are not purchasing editable files. Passwords will NOT be provided.
File sharing of the PDF pattern, including the instruction and pattern pieces, is prohibited. However, it's totally fine to sell what you've made using this pattern. Just remember no file sharing. 

To purchase a pattern you are required to create an account. This is so that you don't need to worry about losing your pattern because it will be safely stored in your account here at Rain City. In addition to that whenever there is an update to a pattern you've purchased you will have direct access to it in your account. How great is that, right? 

Q. Why do I have to create an account to buy a pattern or get one of the free patterns?

A. Rain City requires you to create an account so that your patterns are kept safe in one location.

Sometimes accidents happen and file get deleted right? Well if that happens you are able to log into your account and you can access and download your pattern again and again and again.

Additionally if we update a pattern you will get that update immediately and for FREE! Just log into your account and download the new one.

Q. How do I use a discount code?

A. It depends on what device you're on (either a mobile or desk top). I made this quick video though to show you how to apply a code in either scenario! 

3 Things to Keep in Mind:
  • Discount codes cannot be combined.
  • Discount codes cannot be used when there is a sale running.
  • No rain checks on sales. Make sure to shop before the the sale ends!

Q. How do I download a PDF Sewing Pattern?

A. After you purchase a PDF Sewing Pattern you will be emailed a link to download the pattern. BUT you can also log into your Rain City account and download it there. Watch this quick 1 minute video to watch how easy it is to download your pattern. 

Q. How many download attempts do I get?

A. Unlimited! 

Q. I see your files are zipped. What is a zipped file and how do I unzip a file?!

A. A .zip file is a collection of files or folders. Rain City zips the files for 1 pattern (usually 4-5 files) into 1 zipped folder for you. 

Unzipping a file is easy to do! The way you'll unzip your files depends on the operating system you're on.

In the above video I'll show you how to unzip a file on a MacOs and Windows 10.

If you're on a different operating system and need help unzipping a file go to Google.com and search "How to unzip a file with _____ operating system?"

In the blank type your operating system: mac, windows, Chromebook, iPhone, android, etc. 

If after unzipping you get a warning that the file can't open. Delete the file and re-download. 

If you still need help email info@raincitypatterncompany.com

Q. What are all the different types of files?

A. When you unzip your file you will find:
  1. Instruction PDF File (how-to sew, materials needed, how-to print, print layout, etc. Be sure to read the entire instruction BEFORE PRINTING)
  2. Trimless Pages PDF File (pattern pieces to print at home, includes size layers)
  3. Trim Pages PDF File (pattern pieces to print at home, includes size layers)
  4. A0 Pages PDF File (pattern pieces to print at a store, includes size layers)
  5. Optimized Projector PDF File (pattern pieces to project at home, includes size layers, large font, bold font, large art-board for easy scrolling)
Free pattern sometimes do not include all the above files. Be sure to read the What You Get section in each listing to see what's included. 

Q. How do I print a PDF Sewing Pattern? Are there directions?

A. Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns includes detailed printing instructions for our at print at home files (Trim and Trimless files can be printed at home | YOU CANNOT PRINT THE PROJECTOR FILE AT HOME | YOU CANNOT PRINT THE A0 FILE AT HOME UNLESS YOU HAVE A PRINTER THAT CAN PRINT THAT SIZE AAAAND YOU USE ADOBE READER or Acrobat)

Here is a quick video to show you how fast it is to print at home!

Q. How do I sew a PDF Sewing Pattern? Are there directions?

A. Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns includes detailed sewing instructions. Depending on your learning style you can either read the Instruction File or watch a video tutorial.

Q. I'm new to sewing, are Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns easy to use?

A. Yes, Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns are the best sewing patterns for a beginner because of the easy to understand directions and clear photos, plus video tutorials. 

Q. I'm a super newbie, like I don't know anything! Where do I start? What is the most beginner friendly PDF sewing pattern to try first?

A. First off, welcome to the wonderful world of sewing! You're going to loooove it!

I'm going to give you a list of things to do to get you feeling good and comfy with sewing before you bust into cutting a big piece of fabric out.
  1. Most of Rain City's patterns are designed for knit fabrics. Those are the stretchy fabrics that are like tee shirts and joggers. So you're going to want to learn the basics of stretchy (knit) fabric so you know like how to know you're buying a knit and if it's the right kind of knit fabric. Start by reading Fabric Tips | Basics of Stretch Fabrics
  2. Armed with that knowledge you can now go out and get some knit (stretchy) fabric to sew a headband. You may not wear headbands but it's a great starter project for knits. You're going to practice sewing a zig-zag stitch on your machine AND a straight stitch and the best part is you're going to be able to make something for yourself quick. Almost instant gratification and that kind of shit builds confidence. Read the instructions here (the pattern pieces are also linked in the blog, you'll need an Rain City account to get them) Freebie | Twist Headband
  3. Yeah, you're feeling good, you've made a headband and everyone is asking where you got it and probably wants to you to make them one also. FEELS GREAT! Now you're ready for a shirt! But not a big shirt. That's a lot of material and you're still learning so start off with a baby size shirt. You're going to learn how to attach sleeves, HEM (boooo), and do a neckband. Quick tip here friend, rib knit makes for the BEST neckbands. You can quote me on that. Read the instructions for the free tee and bummies pattern (again, you'll need that account to get the pattern pieces) Freebie | Tee + Bummies
  4. Now, you're ready to learn a little bit more about stretchy fabric, you're ready to learn about drape. Which is really freaking important as you'll see by my unfortunate shirt I've made in this blog Fabric Tips | Drape
  5. Alright tiger, you've learned about knits, you've made a headband, and you've made a baby size shirt that may or may not be on your cat right meow. You're ready for an adult size shirt! You pumped? Me, too. I recommend the Hansville Sweatshirt + Hoodie. You can make this with what you've already learned about attaching sleeves and neckbands. You're going to add to your skill set how to sew on bands (and if you were feeling adventurous on that baby tee you may have made the bummies that went with it, well if you did you're ahead of the game) and how to measure for the adult body and do a super simple full bust adjustment (if you need it) and learn how to add length and reduce length. It may seem like a lot, but my friend, you're ready. Buy your copy of the Hansville Sweatshirt + Hoodie and you need a little extra hand on this one I got you covered with a super detailed sewing video. 

Q. Where can I find the sewing videos?

A. Each of Rain City's sewing tutorials can be found on each patterns listing page here as well as at Rain City's YouTube channel

Q. Does Rain City have an inclusive Facebook Group?

A. Yes! To join Rain City's inclusive sewing support and community Facebook Group I ask that human rights be respected. They are not up for debate, ever.

  • In Rain City's sewing group: Black Lives Matter, science is real, no person is illegal, love is love, trans rights matter. While you may not agree with what Rain City stands for to be a member of this group you must be mindful to respect the beliefs of this group.
  • Join us in our Facebook sewing group! Share your creations, ask questions, be the first to know about tester calls and more!

Q. What do I need to start using PDF Sewing Patterns at home?

A. Rain City's patterns come with 4 different pattern piece files. You can choose which option is best for you.

  1. Trimless Pattern Pieces: To print at home you need a printer, paper and Adobe Reader, and tape.
  2. Trim Pattern Pieces: To print at home you need a printer, paper and Adobe Reader, tape and scissors.
  3. A0 Format Pattern Pieces for printing at a store or online. I recommend printing A0 at PDF Plotting.com. You may need tape if there is more than 1 page.
  4. Projector Pattern Pieces for at home projecting. To project your pattern pieces you'll need a projector. For more information about projecting patterns join the Facebook group Projectors For Sewing.

Q. How do I assemble the TRIMLESS - Print At Home pattern pieces?

A. Rain City's pages are set up to be trim-less. This means you won't need to cut your pages before assembling them. To assemble you will butt the pages up to each other at either the red line or the blue line (depending on if you are using A4 or US Letter sized paper) and then tape them together. 

For more detail on how to assemble the pages watch this short video.

Q. I printed the trimless pages and they're not matching up! Something is wrong with this file?!

A. No, it's not the file. It's your printer. It's unfortunate when a printer pulls pages at an angle but it does happen. It's happened to me and if you're reading this it's probably happened to you.

Fortunately I know this is a common problem so if you are having this problem you should use the Trim File included in your pattern package.

Yes, you'll have to trim the pages to assemble but they will line up without the frustration you're dealing with now. 

Here is a quick video showing how patterns are drafted to help you understand where the problem is...the printer. 

Q. How do I assemble the TRIM - Print At Home pattern pieces?

A. Rain City's has added the TRIM page option to some patterns and will update all patterns to include this file. This file requires you to cut your pages before assembling them. To assemble you will trim one side and overlap it to the page nest to it.

For more detail on how to assemble the pages watch this short video.

Q. What are Layers and how do I use them?

A. Layers are used to organize the sizes on the pages. With the layers feature you can hide the sizes you don't want to see. This makes cutting out only the size you want so simple.

To use the layers feature in Adobe Reader:
  • Open the pattern piece file in Adobe Reader.
  • Select the Layers Icon.
  • If you do not see the Layers Icon, go to View - Show/Hide - Navigation Panes - Layers.
  • The “EYE” in the blocks means that you can see what is on that layer.
  • Unselect the EYE for all sizes you do not want to see.
  • Always keep the EYE on KEEP SELECTED and PAGE NUMBERS.
  • Unselect the EYE for the paper size (Letter or A4) that you’re not using.
Watch this quick 40 second video on how to use Layers.

    Q. What is an Optimized Projector File?

    A. The Projector File is a specific file for those using a projector to project their pattern pieces onto their fabric. This file features:

    • 1" grid for calibration on it's own layer
    • 4 cm grid for calibration on it's own layer
    • Layers
    • Big bold text and fonts that you can actually read!
    • Thick size lines
    • Large art-board (aka margins) for easy scrolling

    Q. What is an A0 File?

    A. The A0 File has your pattern pieces on one or more pieces of paper measuring 33.1" X 46.8". When you open this file in Adobe Reader you will most likely be able to see all the pattern pieces on one or two pages. When you print this file at home all your pieces will print very small. This file is meant to be printer on a plotter that can print pages 33.1" X 46.8". Don't try to print this file on a home use printer, it will only lead to frustration.

    Q. How do I contact Rain City for support?

    A. Please note before contacting: 

    All files are locked as stated on each listing. Passwords will NOT be provided. Emails requesting passwords or unlocked files will be ignored. 

    Adobe Reader is required for printing or projecting as stated on each listing. Adobe Reader for desktop is the only supported program for Rain City patterns.

    Rain City doesn't guarantee these files are compatible with any other program.

    Rain City regretfully is unable to provide technical support on unsupported programs.

    For more information, help (with supported programs) or inquiries (such as testing opportunites, brand representation opportunities, etc.) please email:
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