Q. What is a PDF Sewing Pattern?

A. Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns are digital sewing patterns that you can download and either print at home, print at a store or project onto your fabric.

Q. Why do I have to create an account to buy a pattern or get one of the free patterns?

A. Rain City requires you to create an account so that your patterns are kept safe in one location. Sometimes accidents happen and file get deleted right? Well if that happens you are able to log into your account and you can access and download your pattern again and again and again. Additionally if we update a pattern you will get that update immediately and for FREE! Just log into your account and download the new one.

Q. How do I download a PDF Sewing Pattern?

A. After you purchase a PDF Sewing Pattern you will be emailed a link to download the pattern. BUT you can also log into your Rain City account and download it there. Watch this quick 1 minute video to watch how easy it is to download your pattern. 

Q. How many download attempts do I get?

A. Unlimited! 

Q. What are all the different types of files?

A. When you unzip your file you will most likely find the Instruction File, the Print at Home Pattern Pieces, the A0 Pattern Pieces and the Projector File Pattern Pieces.

Free pattern sometimes do not include all the above files. Be sure to read the What You Get section in each listing to see what's included. 

The instruction has your sewing directions, printing directions and all sorts of good stuff. Be sure to read the entire thing! 

The Print at Home pattern pieces are typically the file most people use. You'll follow the printing directions in the Instruction and print this on your home printer.

The A0 pattern pieces are for printing at a store that has a plotter. Watch the video to see the different details so you can tell the A0 apart from the Print at Home pieces and the Projector File pieces.

The Projector pattern pieces are for projecting on your fabric using, you guessed it, a projector. What sets this file apart from the A0 file? Well this file includes two layers to help you calibrate. Watch the video to see! 

Q. How do I sew a PDF Sewing Pattern?

A. Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns includes detailed sewing instructions. Depending on your learning style you can either read the PDF version of the instruction or watch a video tutorial. 

Q. Where can I find the sewing videos?

A. Each of Rain City's sewing tutorials can be found on each patterns listing page here as well as at Rain City's YouTube channel.

Q. I'm new to sewing are Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns easy to use?

A. Yes, Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns are the best sewing patterns for the beginner because of the easy to understand directions and clear photos, plus video tutorials. 

Q. Does Rain City have a Facebook sewing community?

A. Yes! Join our sewing community Rain City Pattern Company PDF Sewing Patterns.

Q. What do I need to start using PDF Sewing Patterns at home?

A. Rain City's patterns come with 3 different pattern piece files. You can choose which option is best for you.

  1. A4/US Letter Pattern Pieces for at home printing: To print at home you need a printer, paper and Adobe Reader.
  2. A0 Format Pattern Pieces for printing at a store or online. I recommend printing A0 at PDF Plotting.com
  3. Projector Pattern Pieces for at home projecting. To project your pattern pieces you'll need a projector. For more information about projecting patterns join the Facebook group Projectors For Sewing.

Q. How do I assemble the Print At Home pattern pieces?

A. Rain City's pages are set up to be trim-less. This means you won't need to cut your pages before assembling them. To assemble you will butt the pages up to each other at either the red line or the blue line (depending on if you are using A4 or US Letter sized paper) and then tape them together. 

For more detail on how to assemble the pages watch this short video.

Q. What are Layers and how do I use them?

A. Layers are used to organize the sizes on the pages. With the layers feature you can hide the sizes you don't want to see. This makes cutting out only the size you want so simple.

To use the layers feature in Adobe Reader:

  • Open the pattern piece file in Adobe Reader.
  • Select the Layers Icon.
  • If you do not see the Layers Icon, go to View - Show/Hide - Navigation Panes - Layers.
  • The “EYE” in the blocks means that you can see what is on that layer.
  • Unselect the EYE for all sizes you do not want to see.
  • Always keep the EYE on KEEP SELECTED and PAGE NUMBERS.
  • Unselect the EYE for the paper size (Letter or A4) that you’re not using.
Watch this quick 40 second video on how to use Layers.

    Q. What is a Projector File?

    A. The Projector File is a specific file for those using a projector to project their pattern pieces onto their fabric. This file features:

    • 1" grid for calibration on it's own layer
    • 4 cm grid for calibration on it's own layer
    • Layers
    • Pattern pieces going in the same direction
    • Pattern pieces cut on a fold lined up to make cutting quicker

    Q. What is an A0 File?

    A. The A0 File has your pattern pieces on one or more pieces of paper measuring 33.1" X 46.8". When you open this file in Adobe Reader you will most likely be able to see all the pattern pieces on one or two pages. When you print this file at home all your pieces will print very small. This file is meant to be printer on a plotter that can print pages 33.1" X 46.8". Don't try to print this file on a home use printer, it will only lead to frustration.

    Q. How do I contact Rain City for support?

    A. If you need help or more information send an email to info@raincitypatterncompany.com

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