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Pattern: Oversized Tee Shirt Dress

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🛒 Adult Oversized Tee Shirt Dress (waist 24-5/8" to 64-1/4")

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Hey All!

In this blog I'll be using the Oversized Tee Shirt Dress pattern and turning it into a top PLUS as a bonus I'm going to show you a neckband hack that quite honestly, I'm loving because it's so much faster.

Before you get started you'll need a copy of the OTD and also have your size picked out. It's super easy, go on, I can wait.

measure for the shirt from the shoulder seam down

1. Measure for the shirt length from the shoulder seam down. You can either measure yourself or if you have a shirt that you want to copy just measure that.

2. Decide if you're going to hem the shirt and if so how much. I usually do 1" because those hems don't flip out. For my shirt, I'm leaving my edges raw so I won't add the seam + hem allowance but if you're hemming you should add 1.25" to your measurement (1" hem).

measure from the shoulder down

3. Measure from the shoulder down on the front piece in the amount you determined from the previous steps. 

4. To make it easier when I cut the back out I just lay the front on top and cut the bottom of the shirt that way instead of measuring again. DON'T COPY THE REST THOUGH CUS IT'S DIFFERENT.

measure sleeve

5. Cut the sleeves out and remember if you're leaving your edges raw then cut off the 1" hem allowance.

6. Cut the neckband out and if you're going to do the hack with me then add 1/2" to the overall length.

7. Lay the front and back pattern pieces right sides together.

Sew only 1 shoulder seam.


8. Fold the neckband in half long-ways, wrong sides together.

Clip the neckband to the right side of the shirt at the shoulder seams.

NOTE: Before you sew the neckband on why not give it a stretch to see if your fabric is going to have enough to make it. Better to find out now than half-way through, ya know?

If when you pull the neckband you find it's not going to make it you should toss the neckband in the bin and cut a new one out of 95%cotton/5%spandex rib knit OR cut the neckband out of the same fabric but make it longer.

9. Sew the neckband on using either your serger or a stretch stitch (zig zag) on your sewing machine. 

Gently stretch the neckband as you sew.

As you approach the shoulder seam make sure it's either open or folded to the back, you're choice.

10. Fold the shirt right sides together and line up the shoulder seam. 

Carefully sew it. Make sure to line up the neckband and it's seam.

11. This is optional but I like the way it feels.

Fold the seam to the back and stitch it down. 

I only sew the width of the neckband but it wouldn't hurt to sew the entire length.


12. Now sew the sleeves on and sew the side seams.

Because I'm not hemming I'm leaving long tails so that I can thread them into the seam.

If you're hemming, go on and get that taken care of and you're done.

Not hemming? Thread your tails in and if you like the curl look (I do) give the fabric a tug.

Boom, you're done.

And if you're feeling like an ultra 80s sexpot go ahead and pair this top with your favorite pair of high waisted undies.

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    • Connie
    • September 17, 2021

    Love this!! I’m definitely going to give it a try. Thank you!

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