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Tight Tank Top | Adult Sizes S0c-L1c | Beginner Level Sewing Pattern
Joy Split Hem Tee | Adult Sizes S0c-L0c | Beginner Level Sewing Pattern
Hansville Sweatshirt + Hoodie | Adult Sizes S1 - L3 | Beginner Level Sewing Pattern

Me Made May - All new summer tank!

Scissor Tips | Best Scissors (IMO)

This scissors make me look like a sewing superstar!

curved scissors held by a white hand with sewing machines in the background slightly out of focus

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Ironing Tips | Hot Ironing Ruler

If you're going to measure your hem or binding, you'll definitely want to check out the Hot Iron Ruler. 

hot iron ruler sitting against an iron next to a dress hem on a red background

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MENDing | Zipper Slider

You don't need to replace the entire zipper if it's just the slider that's the problem. Check it out. 

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