Pattern Mod | Loxie Eagans Criss Cross Pocket

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Guest Sewist: Priscilla

Pattern: Loxie-Eagans Shirt


I am Priscilla and I am back again this time with is a super cute hack/Mod of the Loxie-Eagans Shirt. I think this pattern is awesome on its own with so many amazing neck finishes, sleeve lengths, and hem finishes. 

That's why I must have made at least 5-6 with either a neckband or turtleneck options. For this modification, I am going to use the collar option, cause it gives the top such a unique finish and elegance. I love this pattern because it’s easy and beginner-friendly,  and I needed a simple pattern to add this criss-cross pocket.

Here is are some photos of the end product and what I did to get this look. I am more of a visual person so I included some pics of the steps for people like me.

Step 1: First, print out the patterns to your desired size. Select your fabrics-main and color-blocking pieces. Here are my pattern pieces and fabrics.

I started with the front bodice pattern piece by adding ¼ inches seam allowance  to the fold line and cutting out 2 mirrored pieces. Here is the fun part, you can color-block the front, like I did using a print and a solid pattern.

Step 2: Then marked the hemline, about 1 inches and measured 10 inches on the pattern, and cut out a square piece (11inches tall and width of the bodice pattern with 1/4inches seam allowance).

The height of the pocket piec will depend on the size sewn. I made a size 4T here. Use free-hand to draw a slanted curve as in the pic and cut out the pattern adding  ¼ inches seam allowance.

This is the pocket pattern piece. 

Place the pocket pieces to one of the bodice half and pins it in place as in the pics below. Baste the pieces to the front bodice.

Step 3: Now place the front pieces right side together and sew them together and top-stitch them. Then join the sleeves to the bodice,  sew the side seams, add the cuffs, and neckcollar. Done!

I had this idea in my head for a cute pocket and after making some mods, I am loving the result . This top looks so cute with the unique pocket! What do you think? Will you try this modification/hack? Please share you photos if you make this mod, I would love to see them.Thank you for reading my hack ideas. Hope I can bring some new ideas soon.

Here are some modeled pics of the finish shirt.


I am a part-time sewist and full-time mama to a 4yr old little boy and a 7-year-old girl. You can find my sewing journey over at Sew_Pretty_Awesome on Instagram. I have been sewing for about 3 years now and love to take creative risks all the time!

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**All links I shared in this post are my affiliate links- It won’t cost you any extra but I do get some commission of anything you purchase. Thank you for your support.**


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