Pattern Mod | Adding a Skirt

Guest Sewist: Beverley

Patterns Used: Kid's Pearson Pullover & Essential Set

Hello all, I’m Beverley and I’m really excited to be writing my first blog for Rain City.

Who’s up for a Pearson pullover with twirl factor?


I’ve used the child pattern, which you can find here:

(aff link), but there’s no reason you couldn’t make the same mod to the adult pattern!

Choosing the size:

The pullover has a good amount of ease so there is no need to size up for this mod.

Use all of the pattern pieces according to the crop version.

bodice of the Pearson pullover


If you have directional fabric, cut two half circles, but remember to add the seam allowances.

The length of the skirt can be to your preference, adding 1 ¾” for seam allowance.

Construction of the bodice is exactly per the pattern up to the point where you would create an elastic casing at the hem, don’t do this, it’s now time to attach the skirt.


Press the seam up towards the bodice.

Stitch around the top of the seam with a ⅛” seam allowance, leaving a gap of approximately 1 ½” to insert the elastic.

Cut your elastic according to the cutting chart within the pattern.

I used ¾” elastic as I felt this would be more appropriate for the size, for the larger sizes you could use 1” elastic, just make sure to increase the casing to 1 ¼”.

Insert the elastic and stitch the opening.

Hem your skirt and, tada, you have finished.

I hope you like the twirly Pearson, I’ll definitely be making more of these.  I’m happy to answer any questions, just leave a comment below.

A little about me:

I'm writing here from Manchester, UK, where I live with my husband Alan and our two year old Lydia.  90% of what I sew is clothing for Lydia, it’s what I absolutely love to do.  My first choice of garment to make for her are dresses, she has an opinion now of the dresses I make and it fills my heart when she loves them.  Twirl factor is very important!

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Fabrics used are Glitter Mermaids in Purple with scales co-ord by Tygdrommar, which I purchased from Lilly and Mimi Fabrics in the UK

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