Pattern Mod | Colorblock Northlake Tank

Guest Sewist: Marianne

PDF Sewing Patterns being used for this Mod: Northlake Tank


At first I wanted to sew a Northlake tank for my husband with a panel I bought for him.... but it was only 80cm long (31.5")


I couldn't shorten it (the tank, not the husband😂) because he (my husband) is 1,95m tall (about 6.4 feet). However I didn't lenghen it as much as the tutorial suggest: only 1 inch)


So, to be able to use this panel for my geek husband,  I decided to colorblock it! I used Inkscape software because since I've discovered the projection world I couldn't go back to printing, assembling, taping...But you could process the same after having it assembled in paper. As I had a panel, only the front is colorblocked on my project.


First you have your front bodice. It is easier to have it unfold as I wanted the colorblocking to be asymmetrical .


I drew my 3 pieces: don't forget to add the seam allowance (SA) (as I use my serger I used 7mm / 1/4").


On my new pattern you can see them in purple: I have superposed the pieces with that SA. For Inkscape I use the Bezier pen. 
That was my first trial (below pic), it would have been great with another fabric but not my panel (I could have prevented it by measuring it before but.... you know ... 😝)
So that time, with my ruler, I determined I have to add 9cm (about 4 ") on the central piece. 
Here is my second version:
Then as expected, it fit! 


You can see on the SA in light purple! Remember it it will be important to include them when cutting your pieces!




I decided to use a light grey for the up and bottom pieces: they will be cut in the pink pieces.

Remember: Cut including the SA (seam allowance) 

Do the same for the bottom piece and the other pieces of the pattern (here with neckband no pocket)

Now that you have all your pieces, you can begin to sew.
Align the raw edge of your center piece and the top piece (finding the middle of each piece can help)

Sew them (with the SA you have decided before): here with my serger
Press and admire (you can also topstitch if you want... i didn't)
Do the same with your bottom piece.
... and admire (a little self-satisfaction is always good, don't you think?)
You can now sew the tank with the tutorial (remember to keep the seam in the direction you have pressed it if you have decided not to topstitch)
Here it is:
I hope this little colorblock tutorial was clear for you ! Can't wait to see yours now! 

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