The Essential Set

Hey everyone! I wanted to talk a little about The Essential Set.

(Essential Set with short sleeves, full circle peplum skirt paired with the rectangle dress length skirt)

What is it?

The Essential Set is your go-to basic pattern for a knit dress or tunic length peplum. 

Why do you say it's my go-to?

Because this pattern consist of 3 different style skirts (full circle, 1/4 circle and rectangle).

What's the point of the 3 different skirts?

First off, while I love a good twirly skirt (full circle) that style takes up SOO MUCH FABRIC! Like, if you have a directional print, omg, you're eating up a lot of fabric. 

So that's by I have the rectangle skirt, which isn't twirl like the full circle it has fullness made when it's gathered. 

And then what about the 1/4 circle?

The 1/4 circle is not twirly at all but has the round look of a circle when laying flat but without the gathering at the waist. 

Does it have any other options?

Yes totally, so you get the 6 skirts (3 dress length, 3 peplum length in the styles described above) and you also get a sleeveless bodice, short sleeves, 1/2 sleeves, long sleeves with cuffs and long sleeves without cuffs.

You see, this pattern has every option you need if you want to sew up a quick knit dress, whether its twirly or not. 




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