Blissey Pattern | Learn About The Pattern With Ears

The Blissey is such an amazing pattern. It's a simple sew and that's always nice but it also has tons of options. I break down the options into bite sized tutorials inside of the Instruction. Breaking it down into manageable tutorial helps you learn how to do each option and once you understand how to sew the basics, well, you're ready to get super creative!

So what are these options?! 

With the Blissey Pattern you get a regular hood, a hood that you can use ears on...FOUR different types of ears, pockets, two different lengths, hi-lo hems!!!, 3 different sleeve lengths and last but not least a neckband option (totally unheard of all these options in one pattern).

You can use this pattern to make a totally simple look or you can make an over the top look.

Check out the lookbook to see what I mean.

And I know, sometimes patterns with lots of options get overwhelming and confusing. That's why I break the options up into bit size tutorials that you can not only read and listen to (yes there are audio captions in the instruction) but you can also watch them right here FOR FREEEEE!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get sewing!

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