Scissor Tips | Best Scissors (IMO)

It's really important that our tools works well and that includes scissors.

Find a pair to love and they'll love you back! 

I kid.

I do believe that when we're set up for success with the right tools then we can get right to the fun part of sewing.

I'm all about having a good time.

It makes sense, right? When your tools don't cause you frustration then it makes life easier. I think that's something we can all agree on. 

So without further ado let me introduce you to the superstars of my sewing room, my favorite pair of scissors. 

Friskars Curved Scissors | These babies I believe are famous for being excellent scissors for those that embroider and that is actually how we met (got them free with my embroidery machine, woooo!) and they're great for that but what I love these scissors for trimming the fabric from hems that hangs past where I sewed.

Yeah, I'm sloppy.

Yes, I'm unwilling to do better.

Maybe I just don't have the time.

Look, it is what it is and these things are great. They curve away from the fabric which makes it easier to avoid cutting a big ass hole in my fabric (who hasn't done that shit? 🤣). 

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