Mash Up | Never Never Land Dress + Loxie Eagans Top

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Guest Sewist: Marianne

PDF Sewing Patterns being used for this Mash-Up:
The first time I saw the Never never land I had a big crush for it, its twirling skirt, the V shape of the bodice... Then I've discovered the Loxie with that nice collar ! I thought the combination of both of these patterns would be awesome ! And it is ! Don't you think? 


Do you want to know how to proceed ? Here's the way i've done it : The first thing we can notice when looking at these 2 patterns, is that the necklines are not the same : So our job will be to adapt the neckline of the Loxie to the neckline of the Never Never Land.


We can proceed with inkscape, but I will show you with printed patterns.


1) You have to print the neckline of the Loxie (back and front bodice) and cut it with the same size you print your never never land dress. 
never never land bodice pattern pieces on a wood backdrop
Loxie Eagans bodice pattern pieces close up with neckline circled in red
two pattern bodice pieces laying on a wood backdrop
You may notice the piece of patterns are not oriented in the same way, it doesn't matter, we will just have to turn the pieces on the wrong side.


2) After that the tricky job is to align the neckline of the loxie with the fold line of the bodice and the shoulder edge (the red arrows).

You will notice that the neckline of the front bodice is higher than with the initial pattern (see the wrong side here )

Don't retrace the armscye you will keep the one of the Never never land! 


3) That's it ! You have your new pattern : You can cut your pieces ! don't forget to cut the collar of the Loxie as well ;)
pattern pieces on wood back drop
You can now sew your dress! Enjoy! 


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    1 comment

    • June 01, 2021

    Thank you for this opportunity ! I really love the combinaison of these 2 patterns ! thanks again dear sweary sewist friend :)

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