Mash Up | Bodycon + Warren Ave. Crop

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Guest Sewist: Jessica

PDF Sewing Patterns being used for this Mash-Up: 

Bodycon Dress

Warren Ave. Crop Top

woman sitting on a bench outside in the shade

Hi Rainsters!

Today we are going to mash up the Kids Bodycon dress and the Warren Ave. Crop top! That’s my youngest in it over there. Isn’t it the cutest?! 

I’m Jessica,a former small fitness company owner and personal trainer turned stay-at-home Mom. You can find me over on instagram and see what I am sewing or what my kiddos and dog are getting into.  Always a sewing enthusiast, I have really enjoyed sewing for my 3 girls. The idea for this mash up came from my youngest and her love of the Kids Bodycon dress and the cooler weather. So, if you don’t have these patterns, you can swing on by the Rain City Pattern Company’s website via my affiliate links and grab them.

Kids Bodycon:

Warren Ave. crop top:

Grab your kiddo, get those measurements and let’s get started!  


Sew Bodycon dress!.....ALMOST

  • Bodycon: armbands, front/back dress                                                                                                                  ~Sew the Bodycon dress according to instructions, but LEAVE OFF NECK BINDING 
  • Warren Ave: sleeves, hood, front/back peek-a-boo shirt

Sew the Warren Ave. hood!

Sew Warren Ave. Crop Top!....SORT OF                                                                   

  • Sew the hood according to the directions                                                                                                             ~Sew up the version of the top you choose. I went with the long sleeves.                                                                                                                                                                                               ~We are ONLY ATTACHING at the NECKLINE so go ahead and attach the sleeves

 Putting it all together!

  • With the crop top over the dress, mark the shoulders of the Bodycon dress                                                                           TADA!   
  • Then follow the instructions for attaching the hood for the Warren Ave. Crop top!

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