Mash-Up | Hoodsport Hoodie + Pearson Pullover

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Guest Sewist: Priscilla

PDF Sewing Patterns being used for this Mash-Up: 

Hoodsport Hoodie

Pearson Pullover


I am Priscilla, part-time sewist and full-time mama to a 4yr old little boy and a 6-year-old girl. You can find my sewing journey over at Sew_Pretty_Awesome on Instagram. I have been sewing for about 3 years now and love to take creative risks all the time!

But,  I also love a pattern that is easy and beginner-friendly,  and Rain City Patterns has so many amazing patterns that trying a mash-up of two very different patterns wasn’t much of a problem for me as much as deciding which colors I should use for color blocking. 

I have been staring at these amazing Avengemons prints from MariaLLE  Fabrics and Hardwares for a strike and nothing inspired me. I needed to sew it up fast for an upcoming pre-order, but also wanted it to be special, so, I looked at all my favorite Rain City Patterns and thought, I could totally mash up the Pearson Pullover and the Hoodsport color-blocked hoodie and create something amazing. 

I love both the Hoodsport colorblock hoodie and the Pearson pullover a lot. Hoodsport for its color-blocking pieces, especially the back. It just gives the top a little bit of that extra flair and the Pearson pullover because of the raglan, loose-fitting style. BTW, Hoodsport is perfect for all scrap-busting projects. My little girl loves the Avengers and Pokemon and as this is a mash-up print, a mash-up pattern was in order. Hence I set out to take up the challenge and made some small adjustments and the end result is so cute!

If you want to grab some of the Avengemons use ANNA10 to get 10% off the pre-order. 

I am more of a visual person so I included some pics of the steps for people like me. Here is what I did. 

1. First, print out the patterns to your desired size. Select your fabrics-main and color-blocking pieces. Here are my pattern pieces and fabrics.

2. Lay the pattern pieces together and make the necessary adjustments- for me I wanted the raglan style of the Pearson Pullover with the body shape and color blocking of the Hoodsport. SO the body is adjusted to the Hoodsport body and the sleeve is the Pearson Pullover raglan style.

For the sleeve, I matched the sleeve curves and just cut it at the corresponding line of the color blocking piece of Hoodsport sleeve on the Pearson pullover raglan sleeve. The only adjustment I made here was to increase the width of the lower sleeve piece to match with the upper sleeve piece.

3. Cut out the pattern pieces, making sure the pattern pieces are lined up and matched.

4. The neckband piece is for the Pearson Pullover (I chose to add a neckband as Anoushka needs more layering shirt).

5. Now sew all the color-blocked pieces and top-stitch them. Then join the sleeves to the bodice,  sew the side seams and add the cuffs, waistband, and neckband.


I always love adding a little extra to the waistband to give the top a more personalized feel, and the waistband of the Hoodsport hoodie is wide enough to add these super cute avengemons. For this I just cut out the avengemon pieces to the width of the waistband with 1/4th seam allowance added to both the sides, making sure the length is the same as the pattern.

The top is now done and here are some modeled pics. I hope you love the mash-up and will give it a try. Let me know if you enjoy reading my blog as much as I had fun writing it.

**All links I shared in this post are my affiliate links- It won’t cost you any extra but I do get some commission of anything you purchase. Thank you for your support.**

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