Mash Up | Northlake Tank + Roxy Raglan

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Guest Sewist: Carmen


Northlake Tank

Roxy Raglan

Northlake Tank meets Roxy Raglan

Hello! I decided to Mashup these two patterns and add a few other tweets to create an original Rain City Pattern garment.

I decided not to use the hood or pocket from either top. Instead, I. Opted for the neckband and a plain front. I did, however, choose to add the waistband from the Northlake Tank. Additionally, I decided to make the sleeves elbow length (from the Roxy Raglan). 

Cutting out the Pieces

Here are the pattern pieces I cut out:

Note: I also added some length to the front and back pieces because I planned to use the waistband to allow variety in length, creating a top that can also be worn as a dress. 

Garment Construction

I followed the directions to add the sleeves to the shirt. I highly recommend  identifying the back of the top with a safety pin or an erasable marker. Once the sleeves are attached on a raglan style shirt, the front and back look incredibly similar. Then, I. Sewed the side seams as indicated. Next, I added the neckband, making sure to quarter the top and neckband to streamline the process and lessen frustration. 

Because I wanted the option of length, I added some elastic to the waistband. I chose to base the elastic length on my hip measurement. To make sure elastic would be snug enough, I  took 2 inches off my actual hip measurement. After sewing the short ends of the waistband together, I folded it in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. I overlapped the elastic by 1/2 inch and sewed it into a loop. Then, I placed the elastic in the fold of the waistband and basted the raw edges. Next, I attached the waistband to the bottom of the top as indicated in the directions. 

My last step was to hem the sleeves, which I had cut at the lengthen/shorten line to make them elbow length. I folded them up 1 inch toward the wrong side and topstitched the hem in place. 

The results

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