5 Quick Gifts | Sewed by You

It's gift giving season and you maybe facing the crunch.

No worries because Rain City has you covered!

Here are Rain City's Top 5 Quick Gifts you can make right now.

1. Twist Headband

twist headband flat lay and modeled

Who: Baby to Adult

Twist headbands are super popular right now. You may have seen them lined with sherpa recently. But twist headbands are not just for fashion, they are for athletes, too! Got a friend that sweats, maybe does CrossFit or likes to run? Make them a couple headbands using your favorite cotton/spandex jersey knit. It will keep the sweat out of their eyes while they're getting their pump on. 


2. Traveler's Sleep Mask (also doubles as a Headband)

Who: Preschooler Age 3 to Adult

Got a friend that's on the go? The Traveler's Sleep Mask makes a great gift for your jet lagged friend. Once your friend lands in whatever far off place they can rotate the face mask part of the band to the back of their head and bam, now they have a headband to hold their hair back as they navigate customs and busy airports. 


3. Face Masks

Who: Child to Adult

Sure, it would be nice to not have to wear a mask anymore but if you gotta do it why not have a cool selection? Make your friend a fancy mask for New Year's or just a simple emergency mask they can keep in their bag. 


4. Captain Cup Sleeve

cup sleeve sewing directions on a pink background

Who: People that like hot and cold drinks.

Got a green friend? Well that's great because you know what green friends like? Reusable stuff! Consider making one using fabric from clothes that are no longer wearable for an even greener cup sleeve.


5. Reversible Beanie

reversible beanie modeled on adults, children and babies

Who: Child to Adult

Beanie's are the hat of winter, right? Make a few for some friends using your jersey knit or even rib knit. Style it 3 ways and if you're feeling frisky add a pom pom to the top!  

PRO HINT: Upcycle a cool textured sweater into a beanie for that green friend or fashion forward pal!


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