Kingdome Jersey | Learn About the Pattern with the Football Vibe

The Kingdome Jersey Tee is the football shirt sewing pattern you've been looking for! This pattern has everything you love about the classic football jersey look (you know I'm talking about that V) without having to sew a V in the traditionally painful sense. Our v-neck is super easy and you'll want to make everyone a matching jersey before the start of football season.

Check it out our method!

The Kingdome Jersey Tee sewing pattern is available in sizes 2T all the way up to 16!

Cool, right?

What's the best part? You can make this shirt with less than a yard of jersey knit fabric even on the largest sizes!

Did you know what is commonly referred to as CL is jersey knit? Ya it's just been abbreviated down to it's fiber content. 

What's the fiber content? Cotton/Lycra (this is a brand name so if you see spandex just remember there's no difference) or just CL.

Get inspired! Watch the Kingdome Jersey Tee's Lookbook video!

Seen enough? Say no more, here's a direct link to the Kingdome Jersey Tee!

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