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Sometimes you just need a pocket. Right?

Yeah, totally.

So here is a free Shirt Pocket PDF Sewing Pattern Piece (in a few sizes) and a sweet template to use to get the placement right on your shirt.

I designed this tutorial with the idea in mind that you are adding this pocket after the shirt is sewn but you are totally okay adding it beforehand, though I don't have any advice on placement. 

You'll just have to wing it. That's fun.

Getting Started:

Pattern Piece:

Download and print or project the Free Shirt Pocket Pattern Piece <- click this

NOTE: the seam allowance is identified as 1/4"-3/8". 1/4" is pretty small and hard to get exact especially with knit. So try for 1/4" but no sweat if it's as wide as 3/8". You're cool.

Basic Supplies: 
Sewing Machine

Ruler (steel if you got it)

Special Supplies:
1/4" Double Stick Fusible Tape (this shit is magic!!!)

Step 1: Use the template to figure out what size and where you're going to put the pocket.

Once you settled on a size, print out or project the pattern piece and cut the fabric pocket.

Step 2: Lay a piece of the 1/4" tape sticky side down on the top of the wrong side of the pocket.

Step 3: Peal the paper back to reveal another sticky side. Then fold it down 1/4". Press if you want but it should stick on its own (cus this shit is awesome).

Step 4: Stick the 1/4" tape to all the other edges. Peel off the paper and fold over 1/4". Dog ear the tops! See below picture to the right.












Step 5: Edge stitch the pocket 1/8" from the fold.

Step 7: Place the pocket where you had the template.

Step 8: Remove the template (unlike my photo below) and sew the pocket to the shirt as indicated by the white dotted line.

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