Freebie | Twist Headband

Twist headbands are so easy to make and are great for a cute little accessory on your baby or a sweatband for yourself on your next run. 

So follow along as I show you how to quickly sew up one of these bad boys. 


*Knit Fabric (I recommend Jersey Knit): about 22" X 7" for the headband

Sewing Machine (able to sew a stretch a zigzag) or Serger

Stretch Needle


Tape Measure

Seam Allowance is 3/8"


Step 1:

Measure around your nugget's head to figure out what size to make the headband. This will be the width you'll cut your headband piece to. When I say width this measurement will be cut against the grain. Imagine the grain is running up and down, this cut will be running from side to side.

Now what if you don't have a nugget to measure because maybe this is a gift?

For that I give you this handy guide:

3M: 16.5"

6M: 17.5"

9M: 18"

12M: 18.5"

24M: 20"

Child: 21"

Youth 12 - Adult: 22"

For the length (and when I say length we're talking about cutting the fabric with the grain) use this handy guide:

3M-24M: 5"

Child: 6"

Youth 12 - Adult: 7"

Step 2: Cut the headband piece out.
Step 3: Fold the fabric in half long ways with the right sides together. 

Step 4: Using a stretch stitch (like a zigzag or a serger) sew in the areas shown by the arrow.

Step 5: Turn the tube right side out and lay it so the seam is against the table. 
Step 6: Fold the tube in the shape of a U and overlap the short ends in the middle as shown by the above picture. WARNING MY FRIENDS: If you fold the headband just in half and don't do this U shape when folding then after you've sewn the short ends you will have a twist in the don't want this. It's very frustrating. 
Step 7: Fold the bottom half of the tube on top of the overlap. 
Step 8: Fold the top half of the tube on top of the overlap. 
Note: Your headband should look like this when it's been folded right.
Step 9: Sew the short ends using a straight stitch. NOTE: If you're having troubles getting your machine to sew over this thick fabric then take a piece of cardboard the thickness of your fabric and raise the machine's foot and place it behind the fabric. Put your foot back down. This shim should help get you going, don't forget to hold the tails of your thread as you get started. 
Step 10: Next you're going to trim your seam allowance and turn your headband right side out (basically flip the seam to the inside.)
Final Note: If you have a weird twist in your headband go back to step 6 and look at the where the two prints of the headband connect. See how it's not just folded in half the seam side is still on the underside. Because of the U shape the cow print seam is now on top of the yellow checkered print's no seam side. 
If you're feeling frisky add a tie. See my Charlotte's Headband Tutorial to learn how! 


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    • Blair
    • July 20, 2021

    The toy story inspired fabric is from

    • Rachael Long
    • July 08, 2021

    where is that toy story fabric from!

    • Blair
    • July 03, 2020

    Hey Ella, yes I do have a video. I did a live on my Facebook page last November. Here’s a link

    • Ella Chu
    • July 03, 2020

    Have you got a video of how you do this twist… I absolutely can’t get it right, it’s just flat and folded in half

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