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Welcome to the POM-POM DIY Tutorial.

This little DIY is a great way to make a bunny tail to go with the Blissey Pattern. Not only can it make a fun bunny tail but it would be really cute to have pom-pom ears or even pom-poms running up the front of the shirt if you're going for a creepy clown vibe. Thanks for joining me on this adventure, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!



Get ready you're going to need a few items:

  • ruler
  • compass (you can use a cup or a bowl or anything that's round instead)
  • 3 pieces of cardboard 4"X4"
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • patience










    1. First things first, we need to make the POM-POM Maker. We're going to make ours out of cardboard but you can also just buy one at your local craft store or online.To make the POM-POM Maker set your compass at 1-1/2" and draw a circle on 2 of the pieces of cardboard.                                                                                                    



      2. Now set your compass to 3/4" and draw a circle inside each of the 2 circles. Also draw a circle in the middle of the third piece of cardboard. Set the compass to 1-1/4" and draw the second circle of the third piece of cardboard.                                                                                        










      3. Cut each of your circles out. Don't worry if you have to cut through the circle to cut the center out. Just make sure you tape in closed once you're done cutting them out.  

      4. Layer your pieces so that the smaller one is in the middle. The reason the middle piece is smaller is so that you can get your scissors in there to cut the yarn.  

      5. Cut your yard intomanageable pieces. You don't want a really long piece cus it will be a pain in the butt threading it through but you also don't want a really short piece because you'll have to stop and tie more often.



      6. Gather your patience and start wrapping. When you get to the end of the yarn tie another one on. Keep going until the inside diameter is full (or almost full if your out of patience) with yarn.  

      7. Once you have wrapped the crap out of the POM-POM Maker and you're regretting ever starting this project you're ready to cut the yarn! Grab your kinda good scissors and lets get started.

      8. Jam the bottom blade of the scissor into the middle of the POM-POM Maker and start cutting!                                        

      9. When you're done cutting it should look something like the picture below. 

      10. Now you're going to take one more piece of yard and tie it around the center of the  POM-POM Maker but just slight above the middle cardboard piece. You want this yarn you're tying to be super freaking tight around just the yarn so move the cardboard ever so carefully out of the damn way.

      11. After you tie that piece of yarn super tight go ahead and trim any super long yarn pieces away. It's like clipping your dolls hair off as a kid with less repercussions...unless you cut too much and have to make a new pom-pom. Then that's really the worst, right.                   

        12. That's all there is to it! Go attach that ball of joy onto someone's tushie! Go on, get out of here. Or you know you can check out my other fabulous blogs.  

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