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Guest Sewist: Jessica (


Port Orchard Paperbag Pants & Warren Ave. Crop Top

Hi Rainsters!

I’m Jessica and today I’ve got a super cute modification to the Port Orchard Paperbag Pants Capri and Shorts length.

paperbag capris

My middle little has the Capri version on. As you can see the Warren Ave. Crop top is absolutely adorable with it!

This mod came from a vision of ruffles and bows as soon as I saw the Paperbag Pants. I guess you can blame it on my day job. Staying home with 3 little girls you start to see ruffles, bows and sparkles everywhere! 

If you don’t already have the pattern you can cruise on over to them via my affiliate link and pick it up.

While you’re there you might as well get the Warren Ave Crop Top too because I mean look how cute!

Port Orchard Paperbag Pants & Warren Ave. Crop Top (pattern links)

Now go grab that kiddo and let’s get to measuring.

Follow the instructions for the Port Orchard Paperbag Pants for sizing, printing and cutting the pattern pieces.

Elastic Casing

Now we are going to make a casing for our elastic on our pants leg. 

Casing will be the width of the pants leg by 2 inches tall. So, mine was 20.5 x 2in

I used minky dot on these and ribbon on the shorts version she is sporting, but you could easily use velvet, satin, or any kind of matching material.


¼ inch hem

Attach Casing

Measure 2 inches up from hem on pants leg and draw line across

Place bottom of casing on line and pin

Sew edge stitch across bottom and top but LEAVE ENDS OPEN

Measure/Thread Elastic

Measure half of the width of your pants leg +2 to get the length of your elastic. So, mine was 10.25 +2 = 12.25 inches 

Using safety pin or other device to thread elastic through casing DON’T PULL ALL THROUGH

Sew the end in place so it won’t pull through completely then continue to thread rest of way

Pull elastic ¼ way out the other side and sew in place

Continue sewing following the instructions

Make a bow

Use your favorite bow making technique.

Lay your capri pants/shorts flat on the table to find the center side of the leg

Place your bow where desired/pin/sew on.

Now stand back and admire the beautiful work of art you just did. It’s so pretty! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful modifications! Don’t forget to share them in the Rain City Facebook group and you can see what else I am sewing up over on my Instagram !

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