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Pattern Mod | Colorblock Northlake Tank

Learn how to color block the Northlake Tank with Marianne!

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Mash Up | High Street Halter + Belltown Bell Bottoms

Join Jess for this fun mash up of the High St. Halter and the Belltown Bottoms.

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Mash Up | Kingdome Jersey + Olalla Drop Waist Dress

Join Kaitlyn for this fun mash up of the Olalla Drop Waist Dress and the Kingdome Jersey Tee!

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Mash Up | Pearson Pullover + Lilliwaup Arm Warmers

Join Connie for this fun mash up of the Pearson Pullover and the Lilliwaup Arm Warmers!

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Mash Up | Belltown Bell Bottoms + Poulsbo Joggers

Join Agnese for this fun mash up of the Poulsbo Joggers and the Belltown Bottoms.

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Mash Up | Never Never Land Dress + Loxie Eagans Top

Join Marianne for this fun mash up of the Never Never Land Dress and the Loxie Eagans Top.

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Scissor Tips | Best Scissors (IMO)

This scissors make me look like a sewing superstar!

curved scissors held by a white hand with sewing machines in the background slightly out of focus

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MENDing | Zipper Slider

You don't need to replace the entire zipper if it's just the slider that's the problem. Check it out. 

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Sewing Tips | Ripping a Serged Seam

Here is my current favorite way to rip a serged seam's super fast!

serged seam and a seam ripper

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Fabric Tips | Basics of Stretchy Fabrics

Facts, examples, how-to check for stretch, and tips for buying knits online.


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Getting Started | How Trimless Pages Work

Trimless pages can be a blessing and they can be frustrating as f*ck. A lot of times we think it's the file but really...

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