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Upcycled Collar Shirt to Kids Collar Shirt

I love collars as you can probably tell from the patterns in my shop. I think they're great and love the look it gives. 

So how to retain a collar when we upcycle?

Here's how I did it.

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Upcycle Shirt to a Rustic Romper!

Rompers are trending right now. Everyone seems to be all about that romper. 
Well I'm going to show you how to take that old shirt and turn it into a fun romper for a child.
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Upcycling Dad's Shirt

Beardo cleaned out his closet over the weekend.

Which was a major score for me and the twins!

upcycle mans shirt to little girls sleeveless summer top
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My Sewing Room, Possibly Hotter Than the Devil's...

This week, in the beautiful PNW, it's been really freaking hot. Which makes my sewing room (located above my garage) a smoldering, humid, hell hole. 

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Fabric Testing, Releasing a Free Pattern

I found some free patterns on Pinterest but they just seemed to be...uhm, lacking. 
So I made the Free Seattle Sleep Mask PDF Sewing Pattern (size 2T-Adult). Not only is itchristmas picture of a boy wearing a christmas sleep mask
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Patterns & Parenting & Skating(?), Oh My!

Today I released my latest PDF Sewing Pattern the High Street Halter Top.

I finished my edits, created the product listing, made multiple advertisements, and created an ad campaign email for the release. I did it all while sitting in Skateland and...

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Fabric Testing, Using It All

I had a bit of the main print and coordinate left after using it on the Seattle Sleep Mask (a free PDF Sewing Pattern I'm releasing soon) and I knew that I wanted to make something for one of my twins...

panda fabric on a sewing table next to embroidery scissors and a rotary cutter

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Fabric Testing, Picking a Pattern & Photographing.

Once you have your pattern picked out it's all easy sailing, right?
tired pregnant women in pajamas
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Meet Seamstress of the Week, Brittany

Brittany from Spouting Beans and Sweet Peas doesn't mind working with knit or woven fabric but she has a piece of keys advice about working with either fabrics! Read it here! 
Brittany from Sprouting Beans and Sweet Peas
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Fabric Tester, WTF Is That?

What is fabric testing? Well, let me tell you what it means to me. 
Come along wild diamonds! Ride the ride, eat the cake, buy #allthefabric!

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Meet Seamstress of the Week, Chami!

Chami is not only a great modern sewist but she also loves a good documentary. Come meet Chami and take in her advice on the must have tools. 
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Meet Seamstress of the Week, Anita!

Pull up a bench and come meet Anita, the amazing seamstress behind Southern Sass. Learn her favorite tips and tools and get inspired by her cool sewing creations. beautiful woman in black shirt
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