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5 Quick Tips to Prevent the Dreaded Wavy Hood

Here are my 5 Top F*cking Tips to top-stitch that f*cker all while avoiding the wave which is great for a sporting event but not sewing...unless you're doing a lettuce hem ANYWAY back on topic.

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Finally the Exact Amount of Tulle You NEED!

So many dress and skirt patterns out there and they would all look soooo cute with a tulle skirt. BUT HOW MUCH TULLE DO I NEED? OMG it's such a pain.

Well guess what? I've got a super simple easy way to figure out how many yards you need and even a way to figure out how to order the LEAST amount of yards.

Check it out and have your mind blown!

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Take a Snap Off in a Snap!

The #1 Snap Tool you didn't know you need!

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Easily make a pom-pom, check it out!

Why pay paper money for a POM-POM Maker when you can just make one yourself out of an old pizza box! Check out how easy it is!

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The Blissey tunic, top and so so much more! Find out why everyone is loving this pattern!

The Blissey is such an amazing pattern. It's a simple sew and that's always nice but it also has tons of options. I break down the options into bite sized tutorials inside of the Instruction. Breaking it down into manageable tutorial helps you learn how to do each option and once you understand how to sew the basics, well, you're ready to get super creative!

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Kingdome Jersey Tee Look-book and more!

The Kingdome Jersey Tee is the football shirt sewing pattern you've been looking for! This sewing pattern is available in sizes 2T all the way up to 16!

What's the best part? Keep reading to find out!

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Belltown Bottoms - Fabric Waistband Modification

Our latest pattern, The Belltown Bottoms, features an elastic waistband but for our friends that are looking for a fabric waistband this quick and easy tutorial is for you!

Before you begin keep these things in mind:

little girl measuring her waist to make a modification to the belltown bottoms pdf sewing pattern

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Belltown Bottoms - Encased Elastic Modification

Our latest PDF sewing pattern the Belltown Bottoms features an exposed elastic waistband but in this quick tutorial I'll show you how to modify the pattern so that you can fully encase the elastic waistband. 

little girl with frizzy hair wearing the belltown bottoms in a patriotic stars print with a fringe t shirt.



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The Essential Set

Hey everyone! I wanted to talk a little about The Essential Set.white girl wearing essential dress with gay hood and pink tulle against a pink background
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Chuck's (sassy mid-drift) Tee and Bummies Set

Welcome to Chuck's (super sassy mid-drift) Tee and Bummies Set! Perfect for summah summah time.

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Upcycling Dad's Shirt

Beardo cleaned out his closet over the weekend.

Which was a major score for me and the twins and...you!

upcycle mans shirt to little girls sleeveless summer top
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Upcycle Shirt to a Rustic Romper!

Rompers are trending right now. Everyone seems to be all about that romper. 
Well I'm going to show you how to take that old shirt and turn it into a fun romper for a child.
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