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DIY | Bodice Bag

Did you know you can use a bodice pattern piece to make a bag? It's so easy you won't believe it till you see it. 

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Freebie | The Holly Jolly Stocking

You're 10 Steps away from sewing your own stocking! Check out this full picture tutorial! 

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Fitting Tips | Fitting You + Raglan FBA

Get a better fit for your frame by picking your size this way next time your sew a shirt!

black woman wearing white tank top and shorts against a white background and next to a pattern piece cut for a full bust adjustment

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Getting Started | Unzip A File

If you're ready to start using PDF Sewing Patterns you're totally capable to take on this tiny task. Check out this 1 minute video!

white zipper on black background surrounded by white text reading getting started with pdf patterns unzip a file

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Hood Tips | 5 Quick Tips



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Tulle Tips | Equation For Easy Calculating

Just remember for every 1" of gathered tulle you need 18" of un-gathered tulle. 


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Snap Tips | Soldering Iron

Snap problems? Here's the easiest way to remove a snap!


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DIY | Pom-Pom

Why pay paper money for a POM-POM Maker when you can just make one yourself out of an old pizza box! Check out how easy it is!

brown yard wrapped about a circle

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Blissey Pattern | Learn About The Pattern With Ears

Breaking down options is the key to having good options.

little girl wearing a bunny ear shirt

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Kingdome Jersey | Learn About the Pattern with the Football Vibe

The Kingdome Jersey Tee is the football shirt sewing pattern you've been looking for! This sewing pattern is available in sizes 2T all the way up to 16!

What's the best part? Keep reading to find out!

boy wearing a kingdome jersey

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Pattern Mod | Belltown Bottoms - Fabric Waistband Modification

Our latest pattern, The Belltown Bottoms, features an elastic waistband but for our friends that are looking for a fabric waistband this quick and easy tutorial is for you!

Before you begin keep these things in mind:

pattern pieces laying on pink paper

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Pattern Mod | Belltown Bottoms - Encased Elastic Modification

Our latest PDF sewing pattern the Belltown Bottoms features an exposed elastic waistband but in this quick tutorial I'll show you how to modify the pattern so that you can fully encase the elastic waistband. 

girl wearing blue bell bottoms and black tank top standing on white floors with a white background



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