Sewing Tip | Shim

I recently posted a quick video on Instagram sewing the hem with my Janome CPX900.

I was asked what it was I put under my foot when I got to the seam to get over it so smoothly.

Well my friends, it's a shim that I made out of cardboard! And I highly suggest you make one or 3 for yourself!

Use a thin cardboard such a cereal box cardboard. I use three layers of cardboard but depending on the fabric you're working with you may want to make one thicker or thinner. Just cut the box into strips and then tape them all together. 

It's that easy and seriously one of the best sewing tools you can have!

pop tart box cut into strips

I was also asked what my settings are that I'm using on my Janome 900CPX.

From left to right: 4, 4, 3

4 on the left needle

4 on the right needle

3 on the looper

I have regular thread loaded.

janome 900cpx with red plaid fabric being sewn


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    1 comment

    • Lindsey B
    • February 11, 2020

    Wonderful tip! I’ll be doing the all the time now. It looks like it might work better than my method: pushing the fabric underneath it, then cursing when it looks terrible & ripping it out.

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