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I don't know if you've seen it but there is a new royal baby in town. Yup, that's right. And he has the cutest name! Archie. I immediately thought of the Archie comic books and the Betty and Veronica spinoff (my personal favorite). 

So in celebration of baby Archie and all the other beautiful babies joining us in 2019 I present to you a free baby beanie pattern

...pssst...hey, it's also fully lined. I know, I'm excited, too. 

white baby wearing a rainbow beanie on a white blanket against a white background

Whaaaat?! Don't cry, I promise this is gonna be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

You ready? 

Okay, here we go. First download and print out the pattern piece here

When you print from Adobe Reader you can select just the size you want by going to the layers panel and deselecting the sizes (layers) you don't need (see the picture below to see how to get to the layers panel).

Step 1. Cut out the pattern pieces. This hat is totally reversible so you'll want to cut 4 pieces out. I did all four in the chevron fabric but you can do two different fabrics (it'll be like having two hats in one, soooo cool). Oh, and this pattern includes a 1/4" seam allowance. 

Step 2. Transfer the cut mark onto your fabric hat pieces. 

Step 3. Place 2 of the hat pieces right sides together and sew (1/4" seam allowance), using a stretch stitch in the area shown by the black arrow in the picture below. Repeat on the other set of hat pieces. 

Step 4. Cut the assembled hat pieces in the area shown by the pattern piece (this was the mark we transferred in step 2).

Step 5. Fold the hat so that the side seams you sewed earlier and lined up and the cut area forms this funky point. Sew that point as shown by the black arrow in the photo below (1/4" seam allowance).

You're doing sew well. (see what I just did there. im sew funny. oh, i did it again!) 

Step 6. Your hat pieces should look like this. Repeat on the other set of hat pieces if you haven't already done so. Now turn one hat right side out.

Step 7. Insert the hat pieces so that they are right sides together. Line up the side seams and sew (1/4" seam allowance) almost all the way around using a stretch important, you MUST use a stretch stitch if you want this hat to fit comfy on your nugget's head).

Make sure to leave about a 1"-2" opening so that you can turn your hat right side out.

If you're wondering, the pictures below show what I mean when I said 'almost all the way around'.

See that gap in the black line?

Yes, that's where we will turn this bad boy right side out. 

 Step 8. Turn the hat out through that opening. 

Step 9. In the midst of turning your hat right side out it will end up looking like this weird centipede hat below. Don't worry, just shove one of those hats into the other one. 

Step10. Now the only step left is to close up the turn-hole. I just sew a straight stitch 1/8" away from the edge to close it but if you fancy, you can use a ladder stitch. 

Need some help with the ladder stitch? Check out step 8 from Charlotte's Headband blog. 

That's it! You are done!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you have, let me know in the comments below!

white baby wearing a rainbow beaning and holding a blue pacifier laying on a white blanket with a white background



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