Getting Started | Unzip A File

First, what is a zipped (.zip) file?

Simply put, it's a folder containing all the pattern files.

Rain City's pattern consists of 5 files. 5!!!

You get:

  1. Instruction File
  2. Trimless Pattern Piece File
  3. Trim Pattern Piece File
  4. A0 File
  5. Projector File

Second, how to unzip a file?

This answer depends on the device you're on.


If you're ready to start using PDF Sewing Patterns you're totally capable to take on this tiny task. You are a boss. You are unstoppable. 

To unzip your file:

  • Windows 10: Right click the file and select "extract all" < select the location your files should extract to (desktop is a great location) < then select "extract".
  • MacOS Catalina: Click on the zipped file and it will open, revealing all the files.
  • Other operating systems/devices: Google "How to open a zipped file on _____" fill the blank with your operating system (example: Chromebook, iPhone, android, etc.)

Here is a 1 minute video on how to unzip a file on a Mac (Catalina) and Windows 10.

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