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Have you ever been scrolling your Facebook feed and see a really cute shirt pops up and you think "OMG, I want that!" And so you buy it but when it shows up it's, like, two sizes too small even though you used your measurements when selecting the size?!


Ya, me too. That's how I acquired this cute Santa shirt. That's also why I'm using it in today's Upcycle project. Hahahaha.

Okay so lets gather some material.

Required Material:

Knit Shirt Pattern*

Knit Shirt

*Read through the pattern you're using for additional materials.

The pattern I'm using is the Pearson Crop Pullover.

I'm using the Pearson Crop Pullover because it layers perfectly over a dress and during the holiday season you better believe my twins are all about them dresses. 

And if I'm going through all the effort to sew them holiday dresses I don't want it covered up by some shapeless sweatshirt. Ya know?

Okay so we got our material's collected. What's next?

First, assemble your pattern and read through the instruction. So important. Both of those steps.

Now we need to cut the front of the shirt away from the back but we want to do it in a way that will preserve the most amount of fabric.

To do this:

Cut your shirt up the sides seams from the hem at the bottom of the shirt, up to the arm pits and then down to the hem of the sleeve.

Cut the sleeves off at the seam.

Cut the shoulder seams.

We have separated the front from the back. 

Fold the front of the shirt in half and lay your front pattern piece over the graphic so that you get most of it under your pattern piece.

Sorry Santa, your hat, butt and boots don't make the cut.

Repeat for the back of the shirt.

Once you get your front and back pieces cut out you can see if you can scrape the sleeves out and any other pieces, too. I didn't have enough of the shirt left for my sleeves so I used this red and silver faux glitter stripe jersey knit from The Fabric Cottage.

I used rib knit (cotton/lycra) for my neckband. It's my go-to type of fabric for all my neckbands. My local JoAnn's sells it in white and black but you can also purchase it online. If you haven't tried a rib knit neckband I recommend it. Make sure it has a blend of cotton and spandex. JoAnn's is 97% cotton and 3% spandex. 

The only thing left to do is follow your pattern's tutorial. 

And that's it! 

So easy! 


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