About Rain City's PDF Sewing Patterns

Rain City Pattern Company's PDF Sewing patterns can be instantly downloaded upon purchase and because you are required to create an account you never have to worry about losing your pattern because it will be safely stored in your account.

First you'll unzip the files to find the Instruction File, Letter/A4 Pattern Pieces Fileand A0 Pattern Pieces File.

When you open up the instruction in Adobe Reader you'll find the written tutorial is filled with detailed colored photos guiding you step by step through the process. Also in the instruction you'll find charts, a stretch guide (if you're working on a pattern that requires stretch fabric), definitions as they relate to the instruction, a print guide and helpful links. We also have a fantastic Facebook Sewing Group where you can get help, share your creation, enter contest, and sign up to be a Rain City Pattern Tester.

And the very best part, if I don't say so muhself, is the YouTube video tutorials that come with each pattern. Watch it be sewn before you buy so you are confident and prepared to make the pattern.

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The print guide will, in the instruction, will show you step by step how to choose the appropriate layer for your size (so you only have to print one size!) as well as show you how to assemble the trimless pattern pages. But why read about it when you can watch a YouTube video showing you how to tape your trimless pages together? Check it out below!

If you have chosen to use the A0 pattern pieces you can easily send just that file to a print shop and have it printed. 

Download and print the pattern pieces as many times and in as many sizes as you want! 

And, if you're loving our patterns you should check out our affiliate program!

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