Charlotte's Knot Headband - PDF Sewing Pattern - Baby to Adult Sizes - Pattern Pieces Only

white baby girl laying on a sherpa blanket wearing a pink plaid knot headband
This is for the pattern pieces that accompany the Charlotte's Knot Headband blog tutorial and Twist Headband - A Quick How-To Guide.

This pattern doesn't include an instruction, the instruction is found in Charlotte's Knot Headband blog post. 

Skill Level:


Skills Required:

Able to sew a straight and stretch stitch with a sewing machine.


Flat or twist seam (see individual blog posts for how-to) and tie or no tie

Headband Sizes:

Child Size

Youth 12 - Adult

Tie sizes:

3M-24M, Child, Youth 12 - Adult

Sew Time: 

25 minutes for all variations

Tools & Materials:

Adobe Reader + Printer + Paper + Tape 

Recommended Fabric and Fiber Content: 

  • Knit Fabric, 95% cotton / 5% spandex, minimum 2 way stretch 

Tape Measure 

Sewing Machine + Stretch Needles + Thread

Hand Sewing Needle (to sew a ladder stitch)

Pins or Clips

Scissors or Rotary Wheel with Cutting Mat


Optional Tools & Materials:

Serger (Overlock) Machine

PDF File Includes:

Zipped File Includes:

Letter and A4 size pattern pieces

  • Layers feature 
  • Trimless pages

Special Landscape Projector File

  • Layers Feature 
  • 1" Grid Layer 
  • 4 cm Grid Layer 
  • No page lines on Projector File

Terms of Use:

File sharing of the PDF pattern, including the instruction and pattern pieces, is prohibited. However, it's totally fine to sell what you've made using this pattern. Just remember no file sharing. 

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