Anaheim Cloak - PDF Sewing Pattern - Child Size 2T-14 and Doll Size 18"




The Anaheim Cloak was inspired by my children's recent Jedi lesson at Disneyland. After that lesson they all wanted to be Jedi's but buying three Jedi cloaks at the happiest place on Earth wasn't going to happen. Thrifty is as thrifty does and I was able to make all three kids a "Jedi Cloak" using this pattern and a few second hand brown sheets. All in all, I think the project cost $20. But let's not limit what this cloak can be! Check out my testers inspiration pictures and see that you can be a boxer, a dinosaur, or a magician. Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas!

Now includes 18" Doll Size!

Skill Level:

Confident Beginner

Skills Required:

Able to sew a straight stitch with a sewing machine.


Lined or unlined


Child Sizes: 2T, 3T, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14

Doll Sizes: 18"

yardage chart

Sew Time: 

1-2 hours for unlined version and 2-3 hours for lined version.  

Tools & Materials:

Adobe Reader + Printer + Paper + Tape 

Recommended Fabric and Fiber Content: 

  • Type: Woven (Linen, twill, lightweight cotton duck, linen sheets, bed sheets work great, too!) 
  • Fiber Content: Any will do
Unlined yardage Size 2T-6: 2-1/4
Lined yardage Size 2T-6: 4-1/2
Unlined yardage Size 7-14: 4-1/2
Lined yardage Size 7-14: 9

Sewing Machine + Needles + Thread

Pins or Clips

Scissors or Rotary Wheel with Cutting Mat


Optional Tools & Materials:

Serger (Overlock) Machine

Coverstitch Machine

Hook and Eye

yardage chart

Required Fabric:

Woven fabric is recommended but knit fabric can be used as well.

Zipped File Includes:

35 page instruction

Vivid picture tutorial detailing each step, perfect for a beginner.

Finished measurement chart

A0 paper size pattern pieces

  • Layers feature

Letter and A4 size pattern pieces

  • Layers feature 
  • Trimless pages

Special Landscape Projector File

  • Layers Feature 
  • 1" Grid Layer 
  • 4 cm Grid Layer 
  • No page lines on Projector File

Terms of Use:

File sharing of the PDF pattern, including the instruction and pattern pieces, is prohibited. However, it's totally fine to sell what you've made using this pattern. Just remember no file sharing. 

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