Hansville Hoodie | Adult Sizes S1 - L3 | Beginner Level Sewing Pattern



There are many sweatshirt patterns for sewing but the Hansville Sweatshirt PDF Sewing Pattern is the best one for the beginner sewist.

You'll learn the basics of how to sew a sweatshirt including how to sew sleeves (they're really easy!) And I'll be reminding you that the shoulder seam needs to be laying towards the back as we sew the sleeve cap to the shoulder seam of the sweatshirt. 

The sewing instructions are written for the beginner. The language and pictures are so clear that you can tell exactly what you need to do every step of the way as we sew the sweatshirt. 

And in addition to the beginner friendly sewing instruction I created for you a sewing video for beginners (it's the video above). You can learn to sew a sweatshirt from the comfort of your couch before you even pick your fabric out. Gain the confidence you need to learn knew to sew before you even pick out your fabric!

The Hansville Sweatshirt has a relaxed fit as you would expect from a sweatshirt. For the main pieces (not the neckband) a 2-way stretch fabric with 35% stretch across the grain is perfect!

For the neckband I recommend using rib knit that has some spandex in it. Rib knit makes the most beautifully finished neckbands you can imagine. If you haven't tried it, you must!

The Hansville has 3 options for the neckline. You can sew a hood, a crew neckband or a more scooped out neckband.

The hood is nicely fitted, the crew neckband sits close to the neck and the scooped neckband sits off of the neck but still high.

You also get 2 waistband options: a standard waistband that is the same width as the shirt or you can do the tapered waistband that will draw the shirt close to the hip.

And that's not all!

You also get 2 wristband options! Zoinks! One wristband is standard and the other is taller more of a euro vibe (this taller wristband also comes with a shorter sleeve to offset the wristbands height). 

Don't forget you can also add a pocket!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a digital product, not a finished garment, and cannot be returned/refunded.  This is a beginner level PDF sewing pattern for knit fabrics.

What you get:

A zipped file containing all the files for this pattern (a zipped file is simply a collection of files, think about it like this: 1 folder containing 5 files.)

To unzip your file:

  • Windows 10 you'll < right click the file and select "extract all" < select the location your files should extract to (desktop is a great location) < then select "extract".
  • MacOS Catalina: Click on the zipped file and it will open, revealing all the files.
  • Google "How to open a zipped file on _____" fill the blank with your operating system (example: Chromebook, iPhone, android, etc.)

Instruction File

  • Vivid, clear and high quality picture tutorial depicting each step
  • Easy to understand language and definitions
  • Video tutorials for sewing and pattern page assembly.
  • Interactive Navigation Tabs (Adobe Reader Required)
  • Finished Measurement Chart
  • Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial
  • Lengthen/Shorten Tutorial

A0 paper size pattern pieces

  • Pattern pieces that you print at a store.
  • Layers Feature

Trimless (no cut) Letter and A4 size pattern pieces

  • Pattern pieces that you print at home.
  • Pages do not need to be trimmed to assemble.
  • Layers Feature 
  • US Letter and A4 paper compatible

Trim Letter and A4 size pattern pieces

  • Pattern pieces that you print at home.
  • Page require trimming to assemble.
  • Layers Feature 
  • US Letter and A4 paper compatible

Optimized Projector File

  • Layers Feature 
  • 1" grid layer for calibration. 
  • 4 cm grid layer for calibration.
  • Big and bold readable text.
  • Large margins for easy scrolling.

Access to Rain City's inclusive sewing support and community Facebook Group

  • Human Rights are not up for debate in Rain City's sewing group. In this group: Black Lives Matter, science is real, no person is illegal, love is love, trans rights matter. While you may not agree with what Rain City stands for to be a member of this group you must be mindful to respect the beliefs of this group.
  • Join us in our Facebook sewing group! Share your creations, ask questions, be the first to know about tester calls and more!

    Skill Level:

    Confident Beginner - Able to sew a straight stitch with a sewing machine. 

    Variations & Sizes:


    Hood, Crew Neckband, or Scoop Neckband

    Standard Waistband or Tapered Waistband 

    Standard Wristband or Tall Wristband

    Pocket or No Pocket


    S1 to L3 (see size chart for more information)(S=small, M=medium, L=large)

    Sew Time: 

    1 to 2 hours 

    Tools & Materials:

    Required Tools & Materials:

    Adobe Reader for Desktop + Printer + Paper + Tape

    Tape Measure

    Sewing Machine + Needles + Thread

    Pins or Clips


    Scissors or Rotary Wheel with Cutting Mat


    Recommended Fabric:

    Types (all pieces except neckband): Light, medium, heavy weight knit fabric such as interlock, single jersey, rib knit, waffle knit or French Terry.

    Stretch: 2 or 4-way stretch, 35% stretch across grain. Caution should be used with 4-way stretch that has 35%+ stretch along the grain as this kind of stretch may stretch a lot and create a longer shirt than anticipated.

    Types for neckband: Light, medium, heavy weight rib knit fabric

    Fiber Content: any + 5% (or more) spandex

    Optional Tools & Materials:

    Coverstitch Machine

    Serger (overlock) Machine

    Terms of Use:

    Files are locked. You are not purchasing editable files. 

    File sharing of the PDF pattern, including the instruction and pattern pieces, is prohibited. However, it's totally fine to sell what you've made using this pattern. Just remember no file sharing. 

    To purchase a pattern you are required to create an account. This is so that you don't need to worry about losing your pattern because it will be safely stored in your account here at Rain City. In addition to that whenever there is an update to a pattern you've purchased you will have direct access to it in your account. How great is that, right? 


    Copyright 2021 Rain City Pattern Company, Lions & Tigers & Blair LLC, All Rights Reserved

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