About Me

Hey, how you doing? I'm Blair, the creative, kinda sweary, habitually lazy sewist at Rain City Pattern Company. 

I am your non-pretentious sewing buddy.

I'm sure we've all heard the stories of how so and so learned to sew from their family member or neighbor or some other heart warming shit.

And that's kinda hard to find right now so I'll be your sewing buddy!

We're going to walk through how to sew shirts and pants and dresses together. I'm going to explain how to sew to you in a way that you're going to like!


We're going to modify patterns and do cool shit like full bust adjustments and lengthen and shorten pattern pieces.

My sewing instructions are laid out with the sewing tutorial right in the front. All the other shit like how to pick a size, pdf sewing pattern page layouts, sewing glossary, yardage chart and more, all that stuff is in the back. Because you only need that once when you're sewing. You get your size picked out, materials and then it's all about the sewing tutorial. So why have the stuff you only use once in the front?


My sewing instructions are pretty great, IMO (in my opinion) but I still provide a video sew along on my YouTube channel (boop that subscribe button for me real quick, friend) for every pattern! Nothing can really replace seeing difficult sewing techniques done right in front of you.


So, let me be your sewing buddy and let's sew some awesome shit together. 

Cheers and Happy Sewing Friend!


white woman wearing a striped v neck dolman she sewed herself



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