Upcycle | Adult Shirt To Kid's Summer Top

Beardo cleaned out his closet over the weekend. Which was a major score for me and the twins and...you!

It's really so easy to take a collared shirt and turn it into a fun summer top.

little girl wearing her daddy's shirt

First I needed to make the pieces. 
No need to mess with the width of the shirt because the wider the shirt is by comparison to the child's chest the more gathered it will be and I love me some gathers.
I do need to change the length so I measured Lucy to see how long I wanted the shirt.
I wanted it to be a little longer than a crop top but a little shorter than a traditional t-shirt.
I added 1" to the length I wanted (only 1" because I was keeping the original curved hem) so that I could create the casing for the 3/8" elastic.
Measuring up from the hem is where I cut the top of the shirt off. I'll have to figure out how to use that fantastic collar some other time. 
I cut out 4 strips of fabric (2" X 12") to make the straps...though lace or store bought bias tape could have easily done the trick.

upcycle shirt

 I created the casing for the elastic and inserted the elastic into it...twice, because the first time I forgot to secure the non-safety pin end.


upcycle shirt

I created the straps by folding them like double fold bias tape. I sewed them on to the wrong side of my top and that was literally it.
An old shirt is now upcycled into a stylish summer top!

little girl wearing her dad's shirt up cycled into a summer shirt

Get a detailed instruction for this top here.


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