Small Foot Inspired Top

Hi I’m Heather Fletcher and I sew for fun for my family.  My daughter and I are so excited about the new movie Smallfoot that is coming out on September 28th. I wanted to create something fun for her to wear so it would be a special trip. We watched the movie trailers to build up our excitement and for some sewing inspiration.
small foot
At first she was a little worried about watching the movie because she has been afraid of everything lately (including dinosaurs) and was scared of the Yeti in the movie. Especially since they are searching for smallfoot, which are humans. I decided to help her not be afraid we could camouflage her. The Loxie Eagan’s Top pattern seemed perfect for this. I made this one out of a stretch fur with the furry side on the outside.
The thumbhole cuffs turned out perfect in some aqua scraps I had left over. The turtleneck version would have been cute, but the stretch fur was so thick that I used the regular neckband instead.
All the options on this pattern gave me so many choices! 
small foot top
I also made these cute horns/ears out of the same material as the thumbhole cuffs. I ironed interfacing onto the fabric, sewed some pieces together I freehand drew and stuffed them with poly fill.
I then sewed circles to the bottoms and hot glued them to a headband. 
small foot top
I think everything turned out super cute, and as you can see she had a lot of fun
with this photoshoot!
small foot top
Now we are off to see the movie as soon as it’s out, hopefully she doesn’t get too much popcorn in her fur. 
Sew long and until next time!!  Hope you enjoy the movie too!!
By Heather Fletcher 2018
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