She’s Creepy and She’s Kooky...

She’s Creepy and She’s Kooky,
Mysterious and Spooky,
Some..times quite Moody,
She’s My Little Loopy Boo!

Hi everyone my name is Lena Winder and I am a mum of a cheeky little 9 year old and wife to an IT Programmer. I love to sew for myself and my daughter and her little doll Zura.
Halloween is a big thing in our house, its a time to dress up act a fool and eat wayyy too much Chocolate (yum).
This year when I asked Missy what she would like to be for Halloween we went through a whole list of Monster High characters. This was until the day we watched The Addams Family as our family weekend film. My daughter loved the film and decided that she was going to be Wednesday Addams... you know the homicidal loveable daughter of Gomez and Morticia. Now it was down to me to find the perfect pattern to represent this crazy character.
Then came along the Never Never Land Dress by Rain City Pattern Company, a perfect pattern which incorporated the shape and style I was looking for including the famous shaped Collar. I used the short sleeved option and omitted the horsehair braid for the classic dress shape it worked a treat.
We loved taking these photos and the dramatic change of her features we laughed so much!
Cant wait until next year until then Mama Cou Cou and the Crazy bunch are signing off!
By Lena Winder October 2018

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