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Paw-rific Stocking - Week 4 Holiday Freebie



Alight, let's get SEWING!!!

NOTE: Puuuurhaps reading a tutorial isn't your jam? If you want to watch the video tutorial bee-bob (scroll) to the bottom for the video tutorial.

Okay, noooow LET'S GET SEWING!!!

Required Pieces (a total of 1 yard of fabric will work but if you want to have your pieces in different fabrics I broke it down for you below of how much is needed for each piece):

2 - Liners (1/2 yard)

2 - Outer Stocking Pieces (1/2 yard)

1 - Loop (4" X 1-1/2")

1 - Band (7.90" X 12.199")

4 - Toes (1/8" yard) Fabric

4 - Toes (1/8" yard) Fusible Interfacing

1 - Center Paw (1/8" yard) Fabric

1 - Center Paw (1/8" yard) Fusible Interfacing

Required Seam Allowance (included in the pattern pieces): 5/8"

Required Material

Adobe Reader + Printer + 4 Sheets of Paper + Tape 


Sewing Machine + Stretch Needles + Thread

Woven Fabric (knits work too!) (1 yard total) and Fusible Interfacing (1/8 yard)

Pins or Clips

Scissors or Rotary Wheel with Cutting Mat



Step 1: If you're making your paw pieces (toe and center paw) fuse the fusible interfacing to them now. 

The side that goes towards the wrong side of the fabric is the BUMPY side. The bumps you feel, that's the glue. Make sure the bumpy side is applied to the wrong side of your fabric. Also, and this is very important, use a pressing cloth. Also, ALSO, very important, do not, for the love of all the good fabric in the world, don't accidentally put the business end of your iron on the bumpy side. We're talking glue on a hot iron. It's no good.

Step 2: Transfer the paw markings from the pattern piece to one of the outside stocking pieces. Sew them in place around the edge. 

Get creative here! Use your fancy stitches, or don't. This is art!

If you've cut your paw pieces out and are using HTV, go ahead and iron those puppies on now...hahaha. But seriously, iron them on.

Step 3: Fold the band in half RST (right sides together) lining up the short ends and sew the short ends together using a straight stitch.

Lay the liner pieces right sides together and sew together using a straight stitch.

Lay the outer pieces right sides together and sew together using a straight stitch.

Step 4: Trim away the seam allowance on the outer and liner stocking pieces.

Step 5: Fold and press the loop in half long ways, wrong sides together.

You created a line (centerline) running down the middle of the loop.

Step 6: Fold and press the long ends into that centerline.

Step 7: With the long ends still folded to the centerline, fold the loop together one more time.

Step 8: Sew the long ends together using a straight stitch, sewing 1/8" away from the folded edges.

Step 9: Fold the loop into an actual loop. I recommend basting (sewing) the loop at the crossover ends so it remains a loop for...eternity!!!! 

Step 10: Turn the outer stocking piece RSO (right side out) and press. Insert the liner piece into the outer piece so the wrong sides are together.

Sanity check: When you look into the stocking if you see the seams? No? Good, that's right.

Step 11: Place the raw edge of the loop in line with the raw edge of the top of the stocking. Baste the loop in place.

Loop...a little more than basted in place. HEY I DIDN'T WANT IT TO MOVE, OKAY?! 


Step...uh...12: Fold the band in half, wrong sides together. Insert it, folded end in first so the raw edges are together with the stockings raw edges. Also, the band and liner are right sides together (RST).

Step 13: Pin or clip, or not if you live on the wild side, all the pieces together. All the pieces being the stocking outer, stocking liner, loop, and band.

Take it over to your sewing machine and sew all the pieces together.

Step 14: Your stocking should look like this when step 13 is complete. All you have to do now is fold your band to the outside of the stocking. The loop will pop out and you're ready to hang this cute stocking from your chimney! 



Thanks for joining along and if you want more Holiday Freebies check out these great patterns below!

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