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My Sewing Room, Possibly Hotter Than the Devil's...

This week, in the beautiful PNW, it's been really freaking hot. Which makes my sewing room (located above my garage) a smoldering, humid, hell hole. 

Maybe I'm being dramatic. Maybe I'm not and it is the devil's sanctuary. 

Anyway, this week I've been 'teleworking' out of my living room to try and keep cool...which by comparison with the devil's butthole (sewing room) is like the freezer section at the grocery store.

This week I got the Loxie Eagan's Top test opened (can''t wait for this pattern to come out!) and have been working on the draft of the adult version of the Warren Ave. Top.


Loxie Eagan's Top


I started a Pinterest account and also joined the app Seams Sew Lo. Seams Sew Lo is an app that has a list of the best indie sewing pattern designers, fabric stores, and sewing deals. Download the app today and get a sweet deal from me (aka Rain City Pattern Company). 

(Follow me on the Pinterest! I pin things other than mason jar related pins...imma be honest with you though, I do love my mason jars. I'm drinking ice cold, home brewed, tea out of a 24 oz. one right meow.)


So after a long week of hard work I took a break. And by break I mean I walked my swollen, pregnant, body all over Seattle like a person that hasn't lived in this area my entire freaking life.

We started our family fun trip off with a ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle. We walked on because we're thrifty like that and there was going to be a parade in downtown Seattle.

If you're not from this area let me just say that Seattle's downtown traffic is already fucked without a parade. I can only imagine just how shitty it was going to be with the added street closures for a parade.  

(Lucy getting into the tourist spirit down at the Bremerton waterfront with the Turner Joy peeping out in the background.)


 Once in Seattle we proceeded to do all the touristy things. We hit the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (which was so packed I imagine the twins could only see butts and hands), walked around Pike Place Market and eventually made it to the Seattle Center to play in the fountain. The ultimate fun you can have for 'free' in Seattle.


(The twins just before they realized this fountain is bad ass.)


We ended our touristing extravaganza with dinner at the Crab Pot. We got a pot for two and all 5 of us shared it.

While Penny wasn't interested in any of the sea food she did delight in the wooden hammer and tiny fork. She pounded a crab leg (a tiny one) to the point that it's delicious meat could not be salvaged. It was a minor tragedy. 

Big A and Lucy had their fair share of the sea food. Lucy loved the corn and the mussels while Big A enjoyed everything but mostly the shrimp. The only thing left on the table were a few potatoes and some bread. 

The kids are ready to go back and do it again but Beardo and I are going to need a little longer break than that. 

(Snap shots from our day in Seattle.)


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