Meet Seamstress of the Week, Rissa

Blair: This week's Seamstress is Rissa. Where are you from Rissa?
Rissa: Seattle, Washington.
Blair: Ah right on, a fellow north-westerner. You're super cute!

Blair: Let's start this interview off right with what's the best piece of sewing advice you got for our readers?
Rissa: "Don't just buy a machine, make it sew!" A bit of Star Trek humor courtesy of my husband when I decided to get back into sewing after a 20 year hiatus.
Blair: That's cute. It sounds like your husband is pretty supportive of your sewing passion. That's rad.

Blair: What was your first ever sewing project?
Rissa: A shift dress for 4H in 4th grade
Blair: That's pretty impressive for a 4th grader. I think the most my son has done is a blanket. I tried talking him into making a shirt but he's just not feeling it. 

Blair: In this great big world of things to sew what are you currently digging the most?
Rissa:  Athletic leggings with pockets!
Blair: And what do you usually end up sewing?
Rissa: Clothes for my constantly growing 4 year old.
Blair: I can totally relate to that. 



Blair: What is your #1, can't live without, absolute favorite, sewing tool?
Rissa: Freezer paper. I trace my patterns onto it and iron it to my fabric. Reusable and saves me a step when my fabric is (inevitably) wrinkled!
Blair: Ya know, I've heard a lot about freezer paper but have yet to try it. I mean, I did attempt 1 freezer paper project a few years ago. It was like a shirt transfer craft project. The details of the memory are fuzzy. But what does stand out is that I hadn't actually used freezer was wax paper and as you can imagine it did NOT go well. Hahahahaha

Blair: What's usually playing in the background while you sew? I typically listening to 97.3 between 9-12 for the Tom & Curley Show and then I roll into music after that. 
Rissa: Scandal or some type of murder show.
Blair: Oh muh gawd, I love Scandal. My husband and I were total scandal junkies there for awhile. I think we happened upon it on Netflix and binge watched season after season until there was nothing left but to wait for the next season. 

Blair: And to wrap this interview up with a sweet little bow one last question. What's your guilty pleasure other than, of course, sewing.
Rissa: Murder shows
Blair: Thank you Rissa for sharing a bit about yourself today! 

Seamstress of the Week
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