Meet Seamstress of the Week, Chami!

My name is and I'm from:
Chami from Lilith's Threads

What's usually playing while you're getting your sew on?
Serial killer documentaries
(Commentary from Rain City Pattern Company: Yaaas, I love me a good serial killer documentary!)

What was your first ever sewing project?
A blanket. I hand stitched the entire thing and hated every second.

(Rain City's interpretation of Chami hand sewing a blanket.)

What's the best piece of sewing advice you got?
Your seam ripper is your friend.

Favorite sewing tool?
My serger
(Commentary from Rain City Pattern Company: Ditto!)

What is your favorite thing to sew?
Tops for my shop, anything for my kid.

What do you usually sew?
Kids and womens clothing.

What's your guilty pleasure (other than sewing)?
Documentaries on white collar crime.

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