Meet Seamstress of the Week, Brittany

Blair: Brittany is the designer behind Sprouting Beans & Sweet Peas. Where ya from, Brittany? 
Brittany: Oklahoma :)

Blair: Your sewing soundtrack: silence, music, shows, kids fighting?
Brittany: Netflix or Hulu. America's got Talent and the Voice are usually on if not a series.

netflix and sew
Blair: What was your first ever sewing project?
Brittany: A self designed diaper bag 5 years ago. :)
Blair: That's super impressive. 


Blair: If you can only give one bit of sewing advice what would it be?
Brittany: Pre wash your fabrics! Eek. Never skip this step.
Blair: Totally. So many things can go wrong if you skip this step like colors bleeding or your garment shrinking so much it won't fit. That's a sad day right there. 

shrunk sweater

Blair: What is your number 1 absolute favorite sewing tool?
Brittany: My rotary cutter and mat for sure. I do not have the patience to pin my pattern down and cut with scissors
Blair: Ditto

rotary cutter and mat

Blair: What do you love to sew the most?
Brittany: Dresses 😍 Esp twirly ones

peppermint swirl dress

Blair: Okay, but what do you sew the most?
Brittany: Usually dresses. I work with knits and woven.
Blair: I really love working with knit fabric. I think it's because I'm a bit of a lazy seamster and can fudge a bit here and there and still get the pieces together, lol. Can't really do that with woven though. You mess up a seam allowance or mis-cut on woven and you're looking at busting out Captain Seam Ripper. 

mary poppins fabric from the fabric cottage custom fabric group

Blair: Other than sewing, what is you guilty pleasure?
Brittany: Binge watching TV shows. Once I start a show I can't stop.
Blair: Yes, totally! Sometimes after all that focusing on sewing I just need to zone out to some TV. I just binged Goliath (Amazon Prime Original). 

Goliath Season 1 Amazon Original

Blair: Thank you Brittany for sharing a bit about yourself today! If you'd like to show Brittany a little love be sure to swing by Sprouting Beans & Sweet Peas and give her a Like! We'll see you all next week as I talk to another amazing modern seamstress from our awesome community!

Seamstress of the Week

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