Meet Seamstress of the Week, Anita!

My name is and I'm from:
Anita from East Texas

What's usually playing while you're getting your sew on?
Kids cartoons! Unless I’m up sewing late at night, then it’s usually beautiful silence.

What was your first ever sewing project?
My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 9. My first project was a teddy bear!  ❤️
(Rain City's exaggerated portrayal of first Teddy Bear)

What is your favorite thing to sew?
I love sewing things for my kids. They think I’m some kind of magical seamstress that can create anything. Haha! They often come to me and say ”Hey Mom, can you make me something like this?” And then hand me a picture drawn with crayon. There wish is my command , so I try my best.
(Commentary from Rain City: OMG THAT'S SO FREAKING CUTE!)

custom made clothes sewn by southern sassy by anita on boy

Favorite sewing tool?
My favorite tool are a pair of Wiss pinking shears that my husband’s grandmother passed to me. She shares my love of sewing, and they are useful as well as sentimental!

Wiss pinking shears in box

What do you usually sew?
I sew for my daughter and nieces most often. I try to sew my daughter’s whole wardrobe. My nieces are also fun to sew for (I have 3 boys) so they each get a box from me once or twice a year. 😊

hand crafted custom sewn child cardigan

What's your guilty pleasure (other than sewing)?
Coffee and books.
I will drink coffee anytime of day, and will read just about any book! I love escaping to different
places through reading.

coffee and books enamel pin
(Cannot actually be read...or drank)

What's the best piece of sewing advice you got?

My grandmothers both always told me to measure twice and cut once!

southern sass logo

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little girls wearing a Never Never Land Dress

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