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Ironing Tips | Hot Ironing Ruler

I usually just eyeball my hems. What do I mean by that? I mean I'm really used to seeing what 1" looks like so I fold up the hem until it looks like 1".

I wasn't always this way but I spent a good amount of my formative years as a machinist...so it's made me...lazy.

Ha! Bet you weren't expecting that!

Okay, okay, so if I eyeball everything why the Hot Ironing Ruler?

Because somethings should not be left to chance.

Such as binding! Binding is not joke, you get 1" (maybe) and you have to fold that fucker just right otherwise when you sew it on your binding will be thick here and thin there and no one wants that no matter how lazy you are.

I purchased this Hot Ironing Ruler Set off of Amazon and used it with my gravity fed iron (which if you're in the market for an iron this thing is a fucking beast, I'll review it later but for now here's what it is: Sapporo SP527 Gravity Feed Bottle Steam Ironing System with Demineralizer and Magic Glide Shoe). 

hot iron ruler on a dress next to an iron


(this is an affiliate link to the Hot Iron Ruler, it's the same one I'm using)

The hem of my dress has a little bit of a curve to it so I tried out the curved side of the larger ruler.

It did not melt, it did not steam, it did not leave any marks on the fabric or my iron.

The hot iron ruler stood up to the heat and asked for more.

hot iron ruler being used to hem a dress with an iron

For someone that is really lazy and usually eyeballs hems I would use this again if I were wanting to take extra time with my hem.

Next I used the smaller one to fold my binding for my dress. 

Usually I do bands but...I wasn't looking to add width to the dress and I really wanted to finish the neck and armholes in a way that wasn't distracting which I felt bands would have been.

I hate binding. Just so you know, it takes way more time than bands and as a lazy sewist it goes against my nature.

Binding reminds me of woven fabric, you really don't want to press your luck with it.

Get it right or live in regrets...or ragrets...what did that kid tattoo on his chest?

hot iron ruler being used on binding with an iron on a red background

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I do my binding in a very simple...lazy? Is it lazy...idk, that's up for debate...way.

So typically you would fold the binding in half to create a centerfold and then fold the long ends to the middle.

I don't do that.

I fold one end up however thick I want my binding to be and then when I clip the binding on I just fold over the other side by eyeballing it.

The shaaaaame!

I trim off the excess after sewing and it looks beautiful. 

I use a coverstitch machine for this little move but really, even if I used a zig zag I'd still do it, it looks fine and it's functional and most importantly the seam isn't so thick (and if you're using heavy weight jersey knit like I am, that seam gets fucking thick).

I really REALLY loved using the hot ironing ruler for the binding. I like that I knew I got that fold even and that's the side visible from the right side (clearly the most important side). 

white woman wearing a dress and a brown hat with a gnome tattooed in her armpit

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    • Blair
    • April 02, 2021

    I usually do anywhere from 85%-90% depending on the fabric. 85% works really well on a cotton/spandex blend rib knit. I like 90% for a cotton/spandex blend jersey knit.

    • Marti Morgan
    • April 02, 2021

    I have suffered trying to get the binding just right and I want to do it with my cover stitch – will not even go to the amount of money I have spent on binder feet for my seger/cover stitch machine. I think I better follow your advice and just sew it on the front and use the cover stitch to attach the back. Now how much smaller do you make your binding to the neck or arm hole you are attaching it to. I honestly wanted to attach it flat but screw that up every time as well.

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