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Fabric Testing, Picking a Pattern & Photographing.

Clearly the best part of being a fabric tester is picking out the sewing pattern, right?


For me, I usually luck out and have a pattern in the works that I can use the fabric on so when I get to the photography step I kill two birds with one stone. I photograph the fabric to advertise for the fabric designers and I get pictures showing my pattern to use when I open the pattern test. 

Win win, yo.

For my Panda strike offs from The Fabric Cottage I did just that. The sweet little pandas in their sleep mask inspired me to make the PDF Sewing Pattern the Seattle Sleep Mask (now in test).

So once a pattern is decided on you get on with the sewing part of it and then you photograph what you've made.

Which is typically, for me, pretty easy. My son is a pro model after years of having to model pattern/fabric tests and my twins are out of their tantrum stage...well for the most part. 

But for this strike off I made something for me. Which I love doing but hate the photography part. 

Why? Because I'm the photographer and the model and it's such a huge pain. Not only that but I have to shine myself up...uhg. Well, I mean, I should. And I usually do. But, it's a sleep mask...and a jam jam set so, I mean, for the most "authentic" sleep look I should look like I just woke up?



tired pregnant women with pigtails and wearing pajamas

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    • Donna M Marth-Brown
    • July 14, 2018

    Love this! I can completely relate….

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