Endless Possibilities with The Warren Ave. Peplum & Crop Top!

Endless Possibilities with The Warren Ave. Peplum & Crop Top! -  By Stacy Ryan  August 2018

warren ave top

  Here are two different versions that I had fun making for my girls!

If you’re a mom like me then you’re probably just as excited as I am to send your sweet and precious lil kiddies back to school this month. I mean what mom is not excited for her teenie lil Bee-Bops to be filling their little craniums with all sorts of knowledge for the better part of their day? Right??(And maybe just a lil excited to finally have an ounce of freedom from them up your bum 24/7..haha yeah, you know what I mean...Like trying to use the bathroom with 2 toddlers is any easier than making it through rush hour on a bad day! Hahaha I GET IT…….) Furthermore, If you’re just  like me .. one week into this new school year and I’m imagining all the things I want to explore with my...humm...should I say…..Semi-talented sewing hands? I guess that would depend on who exactly is critiquing my work. But for the most part I think I may have some talent there or at least so I’ve been told!

I do know that my sewing skills are much better than my punctuation and writing skills! (hey, I try... haha …...just forgive me now!)


Back to the school subject really quick. Now that my youngest has started Pre-K this year I am going to have so much more practice and ...who knows maybe soon I’ll be a Super Sewing Professio-NAL…..Let’s just wait and see….lol…..

As tempting as it may be, I know I won’t be able to sit around doing absolutely nothing all day. But then again….. As Pooh Bear says…………….

“Doing nothing often leads to the very best of Something!”

So, I got to thinking how fun it would be to make the Warren Ave. Crop Top from Rain City Pattern Co. for my daughters with a Winnie The Pooh theme because that is who I thought of the very first time I laid eyes on the pattern and with the new Christopher Robin movie out....well, I went all in! I even took the kids to see movie!! It was a nice family outing and the movie had a sweet storyline as well!

(Y’all, how precious did this Warren Ave. Crop top come out on my baby girl? It reminds me of Pooh Bear perfectly.)

If you haven’t already…. grab your pattern and give it a try!!! There are a few different options available or you can play with it and make it come to life by adding your own personal tweaks to it.

I chose to make a Pooh Bear replica for my older daughter and it was pretty simple. Here is a quick rundown of what I did.

I used a red cotton/Lycra for the crop top and I went with a yellow cotton/lycra for underneath the crop top to signify the color of Pooh’s body color. I really just followed the directions, only changing the sleeve just a tad by adding a band at the bottom.  I did so because I prefer banded sleeves but both options are super presh! It’s your creation have a blast!

For my younger daughter I made a slightly different version of the Warren Ave. Top. I made just the undershirt version and skipped the crop top part altogether. I then added three peplum skirts making sure to cut my top skirt about 1-2 sizes shorter than what my daughter would typically wear (I didn’t measure, I just held the pattern up and eye’d that part, use your best judgements) and the next skirt I just measured made it about 2.5 inches longer and then repeated that with the third skirt. I baste stitched the skirts together and then serged them onto the top as the directions said. I finished it off by adding a rolled hem to the bottom of each skirt layer! 

To bring the look together I paired the Warren Ave. Top with the Lafayette Legs also by Rain City Patterns! There are two different versions of the Lafayette legs, Slender and Regular. Each version has the shorts, capri and pant length as an option. For my girls I chose the capri length and we rolled the bottoms up because I liked the fact that we could wear them as shorts or capris if we wanted. Also appealing to me was how simply rolling the bottom up gave a contrast in color and really added so much to the look.

This pattern has to be my most favorite leggings pattern I’ve ever sewn up. The designer and owner of Rain City Patterns, Mrs. Blair Valley, completely took me for an adventure with these. I have to admit, I have never ever sewn leggings in this way before and I was just a tad bit nervous I might get it wrong because I ‘m always skeptical trying something different when sewing. However, Mrs. Blair has made me completely fall in love with the technique used in sewing up these leggings! She’s a SUPER genius. I can never, for the life of me, ever get my crotch seams to line up but with this technique…..WAH LAH!!!!!! I nailed it every time!!

Not bad for me!! I am telling y’all this pattern really does make this part as simple as buttering your toast!!!

So, if you have not yet had the chance to purchase the Lafayette Legs, I suggest making this your next most top priority. I  know I will be making so many of these for this upcoming fall season, but best of all these Lafayette legs also have a Capri and Shorts length so more likely I’ll be making them year round!



Last but not least I just wanted to share in case any of you are interested in purchasing the fabrics I have utilized in this tutorial.
The Red and Yellow Cotton Lycras came from my dear friend, Evelyn Lee with http://seweird.com/
The Denim knit came from Moriah Coe with https://madeofloveshop.com/
The final fabric I used for my youngest daughter was the hundred acre wood themed interlock that had all the Winnie The Pooh characters on it was from the one and only...super sweet Stephanie Lynn, With Momster Custom Fabrics. She has THE BEST CUSTOM PRINTED COTTON LYCRAS AND INTERLOCKS ( she also offers other fabric types such as swim/athletic and maybe a few others..but I have only tried the two mentioned above and they are AWESOME, no joke! Certainly GREAT LIL CUSTOM FABRIC STORE! For her retail site you can visit here: https://momsterfabric.bigcartel.com/category/retail

by Stacy Ryan August 2018


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