Easy Scrunchie - Scrap busting with my Brother 1034D!

Today I whipped up a headband and the rest of the material that is too small to be a headband went into my scrap pile. 

I have so many scraps that I keep because 1. I love the fabric and 2. I'm always thinking someday I'll use them for an appliqué or maybe a sleeve...I don't know why but I do. 

So now I have a huge mountain of scraps that is continually growing and rarely reducing UNTIL TODAY!

Yes, that's right, I have the easiest scrap busting project ever! 

Are YOU ready? Here we go!

(Rather watch the tutorial than read it? Check out the video tutorial here)

What you'll need:

1. A piece of fabric at least 18" X 4"

2. Three cones of thread - I like to use Woolley Nylon in my loopers. 

3. Hair tie

4. Scissors

5. Ruler

6. Clips or pins

7. Sewing Machine or a needle and thread for hand sewing

8. Safety Glasses - Look, I don't know about you, but I like to protect my eyes when using machinery, I suppose this habit was built into me during my brief stint as a marine machinist. 

9. A serger that is capable of doing a rolled hem

Tip: Use your manufacturers instruction for how to set your machine up to do a rolled hem...YouTube also is a great resource if you need help with rolled hems. Here's the setup I use on my Brother 1034D.


The first step is to cut your fabric into a rectangle that is 3 times the circumference of your hair tie. My hair tie is 6" in circumference so I'm going to cut my fabric 18" X 4". 

a pieces of rainbow mermaid scale fabric laying on a bright white background

Next fold your fabric in half with the right sides together. 

fabric folded right sides together on a white backdrop

Sew the fabric down the short end (shown by the black arrow) with a 1/2" seam allowance.

black hair tie wrapped over fabric

With the fabric wrong side out put the hair tie over the fabric. 

rainbow mermaid scale fabric clipped over a hair tie

Fold the fabric over the hair tie and clip the raw edges together. 

rainbow mermaid scale fabric clipped around a black hair tie

Now you will use your serger to sew a rolled hem around the circumference of the fabric.

 rainbow mermaid scale scrunchie

Thread your tails in and you're all done! 


Like free patterns?

Who don't?!

Check out what else Rain City's got cookin' in the free category. 



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