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Fabric Testing, A Burning Question Answered, At Last

Today is the opening day for Round 31 from The Fabric Cottage. You know what that means, right? It means you have until September 7th to place your order so that you can get all of these fabrics.
(Round 31 from The Fabric Cottage can be ordered at the-fabric-cottage.myshopify.com)
During the next few weeks the secret sewing underbelly of the fabric world will fill your feed with creations made with these fabrics. These creations should spark your sewing fuse and ignite your creative side. 
This round is really awesome. I signed up for a couple of my favorite prints and then, as though it were a second thought I handed my phone to Lucy and asked her to pick her favorites.
Which she of course picked the unicorn and stars prints. You know why? Because despite her father and I not being horse people she freaking loves horses.
I asked her once why she loved horses (I really was really intrigued how anyone could be so in love with a horse). 
You know what her answer was?
Because you can ride them.
And then I died. 

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