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Patterns & Parenting & Skating(?), Oh My!

Today I released my latest PDF Sewing Pattern the High Street Halter Top.

I finished my edits, created the product listing, made multiple advertisements, and created an ad campaign email for the release. I did it all while sitting in Skateland and part of that time was spent literally sitting on the floor because my lap top died (also, if anyone has any leads on a portable lap top charger, please send them my way). By the time I was done my right leg had fallen asleep and I needed the assistance of Penny to move it and wake it up. 

Please take a moment to imagine this pregnant women surrounded with her crap sitting on the carpeted floor at a skate rink having a cute 6 year old girl wiggle her foot and try to help her up.

Yes, laugh, because it was hilarious. 

Pretty girl wearing the high street halter top.

(Save an additional 20% with HSH271 till 7/26/18 at 11:59 PM PST)

My kids and I have been here since 8:30 AM and to put it into perspective I'm writing this at 1:41 PM (still at Skateland). I just called them all over to check on them. Everyone is still having a good time and somehow Penny was able to score a slice of pizza. 

Tired dad at skate land helping his daughter put her skate on

(Sometimes we go to Skateland even when I'm not working for legit family time.)

But this is my life as a work at home mom (WAHM if you fancy) and it's great. I used to be, in a past lifetime, in quality assurance. It was pretty boring just checking blocks all day for accuracy.

Over the next few days I'll be getting the Loxie Eagans Top ready for test, releasing the Seattle Sleep Mask, and helping another designer to update some of her patterns. It's a busy life, balancing work and family when I could really work non-stop forever. There's always something that needs, or could be, done when you own your own business. 

Twins looking smart wearing the Loxie Eagans Top from Rain City Pattern Company

I try to incorporate my kids as much as I can into my work (now it's family time, right?!). They do the intros to all my YouTube Tutorials and they're my models.

Someday, I'd love to pass Rain City Pattern Company onto them.

YouTube video kids behind the scenes


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    • Stacy Ryan
    • July 30, 2018

    I love everything about how u run your business! Adding the kids as much as possible is def a plus in my eyes! My husband and I own a small business. I usually just write out bills and that is the extent of my job hahaha…. I dont know how u do it with three and one on the way! I have 4 and I could never juggle all that!! You are surely super mom! You’re inspiring and seem to want to help others who may be looking to branch off into their own similar business and this is so awesome to me….Not everyone will appreciate that but I think its so considerate of you! Tells a lot about your true character n general kind nature to want to help others along the way Most would want a paycheck or something in return to share their secrets (EVEN SO AWESOME TO OFFER THE MEATLOAF RECIPE hahhahahaha)to being successful and super mom at the same time!! I can see your genuine love for your children and what u do! And I can also see the care and affection your kids have for each other and most importantly you too!!! Keep doing ur thing girl!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

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